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Trump Signals Break with Medical Experts as His Base Attacks Fauci

Conservative commentators report that President Trump and his base are now taking aim at the nation’s top infectious diseases expert - Dr Anthony S. Fauci, who has given interviews which frequently contradict Trump’s point of view on issues such as bringing the American workforce back on the job by Easter.

So, Trump says he wants to bring Americans back to work by Easter? Not to sound critical, but isn’t sending people back to work during a pandemic - basically the moral equivalent of mailing Rush Limbaugh more cigarettes?

Anyway, one thing’s for sure, if Donald Trump does bring everyone back to work, Jesus isn’t gonna be the only thing that rises over Easter - because those coronavirus numbers are gonna blast higher than Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 rockets.


johnnyrobish 7 Mar 27
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Criminal negligence? Manslaughter? Attempted murder? Detriment of the general welfare? I want that orangeidiot ARRESTED!

AnneWimsey Level 9 Mar 27, 2020

Get current. Fauci himself said he and Trump have no significant differences and that Trump not only takes his advice, but acts on it.

Bobby9 Level 8 Mar 27, 2020

This story is from multiple sources within the White House! What they say publically means nothing dude!

@johnnyrobish So you are saying Fauci is lying about himself and your "multiple sources" prove it.

Total bullshit! Your "sources" also said he was booted merely because he didn't appear one day. He wasn't was he?

You have absolutly no way of verifying what your "sources" said, you don't even know who they are or if they actually exist, and certainly no way to contradict Fauci's own words.


I expected this to happen. The repucks are now the pro-death party.

See my comment above. Trump stinks, so does your understanding of current events.

@Bobby9 ????🖕????

@Beowulfsfriend What is confusing you?