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Officials Charging People Who Deliberately Cough on Others With Terrorism

As reports from all over the country circulate about people who’ve been using the coronavirus itself as a threat - by coughing on officers, threatening to cough on people around them, or contaminating merchandise at stores - more and more law enforcement agencies are now charging these perpetrators with “terrorism.”

Wait a minute, charging folks who deliberately cough - with terrorism? All I can say is, looks like I’ll be arrested and jailed immediately following my next prostate exam.

But, forget about all that. Hell, I get into a big coughing spell every time Trump opens his mouth about his wonderful coronavirus ratings or that damn hydroxychloroquine stuff he’s been hawking.


johnnyrobish 7 Apr 9
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We have more and more asystematic individuals out there who have no comprehension or knowledge that they are causing more harm just by not adhering to basic health and safety concerns!!!

They do not follow or try to wear Face masks, gloves, and eye protection when out side their domicile or vehicular!!!

They do not even care that they children, parents, grandparents, and other close relatives are exposed by their complete lack of regard for themselves and others who are close to them!!!

Time to find them or put them under house arrest!!!

We now have far too man Typhoid Mary types in our population to single out and quarantine!!!

It is not about freedom of movement, religious freedom, or destruction of civil liberties!!!

We are now unfortunately talking about public health and public safety!!!

Not the infringement of individual liberties!!!

The safety for us the public as a whole must be enforced in a way that is meaningful, not a tool of totalitarian fascism!!!




People are being arrested. A lady here in Pennsylvania finally got caught after the store had to throw away 30k worth of produce.


I saw that story also my friend. Just crazy!


did you tag this as satire yourself, seems like a good idea if you did. A few others would be wise to do this when they post satire.

glennlab Level 9 Apr 9, 2020

Hi Glenn - Yeah, I had to tag it as "satire" myself. I don't think their algorithms can detect if something is satirical. As I mentioned though, my first paragraph is always based on the actual news story, and anything below that - is my take on that story.

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