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Pastor Rick Joyner Claims God Wants Christian Veterans to Lead Good Militias

Right-wing MorningStar Ministries Pastor Rick Joyner, recently appeared on “The Jim Bakker Show” to claim that God told him in a dream that He wants all Christian veterans to join up and lead local militias, because God expects Christians to take sides in the “upcoming civil war.”

Gee, can anyone spell “sedition?” Now, it’s a pretty safe bet Donald Trump can’t, but it sure sounds like Rick Joyner’s got it down. So, it seems Pastor Joyner had a dream that God wants him to tell American Christians to prepare to kill fellow Americans who don’t fully share in Pastor Joyner’s religious beliefs? Now, I’m admittedly no theologian, but his dreams sure do seem quite a bit different than the ones Dr. Martin Luther King had.

Of course, if fighting does break out, don’t expect Pastor Joyner to be anywhere even close to where any shooting might take place. After all, his job is to shoot off his mouth, not a loaded gun. And, while I’m pretty sure not many folks are actually crazy enough to heed Joyner’s call, don’t allow yourself to become too comfortable. After all, keep in mind it doesn’t really take a whole lot of matches - to set a really big fire.


johnnyrobish 7 Sep 19
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Frightening, I see some hard times coming in this country.

Theresa_N Level 7 Sep 20, 2020

I agree. If Trump gets re-elected, I can easily see him encouraging a civil war in which right wing militias openly attack lefty protesters in the streets and the police and military either stand idly by and let it happen or even join in with the militias in attacking the protesters without any provocation. Wait, isn't that mostly what's already happening?? If Covid becomes enough of a manageable risk for me to get out there with the protests, I sure as hell plan to bring some kind of defensive protection in the way of a gas mask and a shield. This is not like the 60s when non-violent protesters could usually expect to not get gassed or beaten or shot at with rubber bullets or pepperballs even if they stayed peaceful and esp. if they were white. Nowadays those customs are not observed anymore by cops and national guard. We now have open fascism and authoritarian leadership. Something like Chile is not unthinkable happening here.

@TomMcGiverin Well said!