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Michigan Town Votes to Defund Local Library Over LGBTQ Books

Residents of Jamestown Township in Michigan overwhelmingly voted down a ballot measure to fund their local library, after Christian Nationalists frightened residents by warning the library contains dangerous books that are sympathetic to LQBTQ culture. The Christians claimed that simply by having LQBTQ-themed books on their shelves, demonstrates how the library is actually grooming kids to become gay. In fact, the library director resigned in the spring, citing harassment amid claims she was "indoctrinating" children. Along this same line, speakers at the recent CPAC conference in Dallas said shutting down public libraries should become a top priority for all Christians and Republicans who are serious about preventing the spread of this “Godlessness” across the nation.

Gee, what fun it must be, growing up in a town like that - surrounded by meatheads who are so proud of voting to close down their only library - and thusly ensuring they will become collectively even dumber than they already are. The fact is, this library has 67,000 books, videos, and other items in its collection, of which about 90 could only remotely be considered to have an LGBTQ theme. So, it appears these half-wits are willing to lose this facility, over less than 100 books. Makes you wonder, are we talking about Jamestown, or Jonestown?

But I get it. In fact, the good folks of Jamestown Township would probably explain it all this way, “Look, we loved our library. We just didn’t want any books we don't like - to be in it.” Well then, how long can it be before some Republican comes up with the brilliant idea of offering tax deductions for burning books? Of course, the truth is - if these Christian zealots actually manage to get their way, there will basically be only one book allowed in libraries and book stores anyway. Problem solved!

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johnnyrobish 8 Aug 7
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Not finding anything satirical here but via your platform, information we need to know about is exposed. Had NO fuckin' idea there was a whole town containing this level of stupid. Clearly the word ignorance can not be applied to these folks.


This is a common problem for small town libraries. Being small town's they are more subject to fascist viewpoints. This was theorized by a sociologist whose name I can't remember. Small communities are naturally more fascist than large ones.

Theresa_N Level 8 Aug 7, 2022

Small towns are conservative by nature and resist change that would disturb the status quo.


If The Constitution can be used to protect gun rights then should it not be used to protect freedom of speech as well. I understood it to include the written word too.

Betty Level 8 Aug 7, 2022

And as for having copies of the Quran in their library: "Good heavens NO!"


Margaret Atwood…you got everything right, it’s all coming true!

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