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Saving Earth

We cannot expect our dominant institutions to lead us to the transformation on which a viable human future depends, writes David Korten.

“Climate scientists warn that we are already perilously close to tipping points that could lead to cascading and irreversible climate impacts.

But high emitting governments and corporations are not just turning a blind eye; they are adding fuel to the flames.

They are choking our planet, based on their vested interests and historic investments in fossil fuels, when cheaper, renewable solutions provide green jobs, energy security, and greater price stability.”

Observe the link ---- chilling observation


{Much has since changed. We are no longer ruled by kings and queens, but we are not free of the top-down structures designed to enable their rule.

In other words. Democracy is a fallacy. We have no genuine representation.

Power now rests in the hands of global financiers who rule by their control of our access to money. They enjoy the support of economists who assure us that the lust for power through wealth is inherent to human nature, and that maximizing our individual financial return ultimately maximizes the well-being of everyone.}

In other words. Again, as the discussion between Abby Martin and Peter Phillips exposed, approximately 200 people within investment management firms control approximately 60 trillion dollars of the worlds international ruling class. Their primary/only agenda is to create capital gains for the ruling classes capitalist system. Everything! and everyone! outside of that is sacrificial! EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. You can find that discussion on the main page of the group on the second pinned page here. [] You don't even need to click to open it, the video is right there to view. Just over 22 minutes long for a journey with a potential for you to step out of their illusion that explains essentially what our existence truly is. 1000s are dying every day. 30,000 die each day of starvation. When Phillips goes into the various aspects of privatization, this leads to the primary reason for the current state of permanent war engulfing the world. Making the last of that above totally absurd.

1)Money has no intrinsic value. It will buy only that which is for sale. It will be useless on a dead Earth.

2)Science now confirms what thoughtful humans have long recognized: Life exists only in communities of living beings that self-organize to create and maintain the conditions on which life depends. The Indigenous peoples of South Africa call it ubuntu: “I am because you are.”

3)While we know from daily experience that there are demented souls among us who gain pleasure from harming other people, most people derive their greatest pleasure from caring for and sharing with others.

These are symptoms of (it takes a village). Only the structure of a Marxist democratic socialism can produce. Where everyone has a vote and primary goals are on a fairer equality and preservation of the planet outlined in his and Engles work. I wish I could be more supportive of 3. While I recognize the last part of it holds relatively true, indoctrination from media information warfare has many supporting the demented souls. Can I get a Ukraine? Our silence to previous wars, even where our own have been betrayed and purposely sacrificed over wars built on lies.

{But we are being failed by the society we built. We cannot expect our dominant institutions to lead us to the transformation on which a viable human future depends. Change will come, and can only come from committed people mobilizing in common cause as a powerful social movement. Together, we can transform the institutions of global society to distribute power and organize from the bottom up. Critical elements are in place, but we have yet to acknowledge our common purpose.}

William_Mary 8 Aug 21
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