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The Return of Fascism

As in the 1930s, a bankrupt liberalism, grotesque social inequality and declining living standards are empowering fascist movements in Europe and the U.S.

I'll repeat this again. Marx teaches us that when capitalism runs its course its only path left available is privatization, to by up public domain, and revert to warring conditions. They've all been falsely manufactured since the beginning up to today for the same reasons over history. Power, control, and greed. All that is needed is to manufacture a perception to divide the societies that become involved.


{Energy and food bills are soaring. Under the onslaught of inflation and prolonged wage stagnation, wages are in free fall. Billions of dollars are diverted by Western nations at a time of economic crisis and staggering income inequality to fund a proxy war in Ukraine. The liberal class, terrified by the rise of neo-fascism and demagogues such as Donald Trump, have thrown in their lot with discredited and reviled establishment politicians who slavishly do the bidding of the war industry, oligarchs and corporations.}

While I have seen a decent amount of people now aware of the truth about Ukraine on social media, there are still a majority out there who are still acceptable to funding and supporting Ukraine's fascist mission. When Putin first started his campaign to end it, I was essentially a lone wolf on facehack attempting to draw people to the truth. Seemingly most are totally ignorant to the history of the beginning of the 20th century, world wars, and USSR/Russia.

Now the ultimate goal is to get people to correlate this with another administrations derelict of duty that has become a normality within our representation. Trump's criminal 2016 campaign run of incitement, Obama's overthrow of another democratically elected government leading to installing a fascist government for the purpose of war, our representation allowing Biden to run for president after being collaborate in the same crimes, the waste of 10s of billions of tax dollars towards funding and supporting that war, our DOJ for all of the above. All breaches of the constitution. Today, Jan 6th is rarely mention in any regards to what part millionaires and high ranking Trump supporters played in it. Only the manipulated citizens who fell into the trap are paying a price. Even Hedges and some others have lightened up of their Russian rhetoric as the implications have grown to effect virtually the entire world society.

{It is not, as the philosopher Gabriel Rockhill has points out, as if fascism ever went away. “The U.S. did not defeat fascism in WWII,” he writes, “it discretely internationalized it.” After World War II the U.S., U.K. and other Western governments collaborated with hundreds of former Nazis and Japanese war criminals, who they integrated into western intelligence services, as well as fascist regimes such as those in Spain and Portugal. They supported right-wing anti-communist forces in Greece during its civil war in 1946 to 1949, and then backed a right-wing military coup in 1967. NATO also had a secret policy of operating fascist terrorist groups. Operation Gladio, as the BBC detailed in a now-forgotten investigative series, created “secret armies,” networks of illegal stay-behind soldiers, who would remain behind enemy lines if the Soviet Union made a military move into Europe. In actuality, the “secret armies” carried-out assassinations, bombings, massacres and false flag terror attacks against leftists, trade unionists and others throughout Europe.}

Nazi's scattered throughout the globe. Thousands brought to the US. Japan's high ranking officers and chemist from unit 731 brought to the US. All given passes for the untold thousands of deaths they played a part in so they could be used to continue their crimes. In regards to those from unit 731, horrific deaths of chemical and biological experiments on human beings, cutting babies out of the wombs of mothers letting them die and then dissecting them and the babies. A number of other grotesque means used on their Chinese and Russian victims. We should all be shamed to fucking hell and back and back to hell for what the western governments have done in our names!

And right on cue with this fascist growth. Germany wants the EU to provide the funds for them to rebuild their military for global incursions. Their primary target is once again Africa. Under a labeling of being a united EU army they have control of. If you have taken my suggestions of following the WSWS new site over the past couple of years, they have been detailing the rebirth of fascism in German's political arena and society. Fascism is basically going full steam ahead today with no seemingly means to stop it. Wake up people!

{Article 48 was the Weimar equivalent of the executive orders liberally used by Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, to bypass our own legislative impasses. As in 1930s Germany, our courts — especially the Supreme Court — have been seized by extremists. The press has bifurcated into antagonistic tribes where lies and truth are indistinguishable, and opposing sides are demonized. There is little dialogue or compromise, the twin pillars of a democratic system.

The two ruling parties slavishly serve the dictates of the war industry, global corporations and the oligarchy, to which it has given huge tax cuts. It has established the most pervasive and intrusive system of government surveillance in human history. It runs the largest prison system in the world. It has militarized the police.}

Just like climate change, which obviously the tipping point has come and gone, there's a tipping point here also. Wake up people! That point is right around the corner.

If you can't correlate what Hedge continues to list with what I've been attempting to also expose, you're living with your head under a rock or you're dead within indoctrination. It's been playing out in front of us as recycled history. I seemingly can't stress the use of history enough. And good people who do nothing while remaining silent will inevitably end up trembling in evil.

William_Mary 8 Sep 24
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