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Retired Gen. Michael Flynn Predicting Governors Will Declare War on the US

Speaking at a rally for far-right “election denying” Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchum, retired Army three-star general, Trump National Security Advisor, and QAnon zealot Michael Flynn told the crowd that 90% of all agencies in the federal government must be eliminated. Flynn then added a rather shocking assessment about how the concept of “states’ rights” actually gives governors the right to declare war, and “we’re probably gonna see that.”

Gee, he’s predicting states will declare war against the federal government? A three-star general and former National Security Advisor, actually encouraging governors to take up arms against the United States? Frankly, about the only thing missing from that speech was the phrase "Death to America!” Perhaps someone might wanna remind Gen. Flynn that the Confederate States actually lost the Civil War. Sometimes I wonder if Mike Flynn and Mike Lindell are in a competition to see who is actually more insane.

That said, I fully understand what Gen. Flynn is trying to say, which is basically “our candidate lost the election, so we’d now like to hunt down and kill everyone who voted for our candidate’s opponent.” After all, who could find fault with treating your fellow citizens and political opponents like “mortal enemies?” In fact, I think Trump may have even mentioned it at one of his rallies - that “killing your political opponents is actually somewhere in the Constitution.”

So, which states will declare war first you ask? My guess is it’ll be one of the states governed by members of that hilarious comedy team of “Abbott and DeSantis.” Hey, I’ve got an idea! How about Gov. DeSantis starting the civil war by firing on nearby Fort Sumter? You know, just for old times’ sake! Then, soon after declaring war, he could pull a “Putin” and start drafting all able-bodied citizens in the state to “go fight the war for him.” That oughta prove to be extremely popular with everyone.

Meanwhile, a lot of folks are asking why in the hell the Army doesn’t recall Gen. Flynn back to active duty and then court-martial him for sedition, but Republicans argue that it wouldn’t be fair, because Flynn would then lose his fat government pension - and be forced to live solely on the money Putin and the Russians pay him. I tell ya, it’s almost enough to break your heart.

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johnnyrobish 8 Oct 1
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You "sometimes wonder" if the 2 Mike's are in an Insanity Competition???
Just Sometimes?


Excuse for a man and a soldier. One of the strategy points in all this nonsense is that if you say things long enough people will believe it.

DenoPenno Level 9 Oct 1, 2022

Never, ever a good human being, or General, or smart, either...sort of like how shit floats......,


He’s Flynn-stoned.


He’s a disgrace. A pathetic excuse for a soldier.

Garban Level 8 Oct 1, 2022
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