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Red Alert Germany: Fall of an Empire?

While the title and narrative of this documentary is seemingly based on economics, it also has a large element of the beginning of the war (2014) and rising conditions in Germany. If you were to follow the works of the World Socialist Web Site you've been discovering the rise of fascism in Germany again as they have been exposing it for a couple of years now. In the political arena anyways. As it's embedded throughout Europe anyways on a social scale. But rising in the political arena again as in the early 20th century in Europe. Italy is another obvious example if you're critically following world politics. As we all should towards full clarity of what's the bases of our own political structure. Basically we have the same 2 countries leading the same trend this century as in the early 20th. As with the rest of the "western governments" using it to manufacture war. It's a collaborate effort. What is seemingly leading towards WWlll, which I'll argue is already underway within even newer modern aspects. Information warfare that today spans the globe instantly compared to then to manage perceptions. A wide range of technological aspects that involve especially hacking capabilities and spying. Hacking used against infrastructure for example, spying to suppress dissent. The latter is covered in this documentary in regards to dissent.

The documentary begins with Liane Kilinc and her work in Donbass. More of her written work can be found >>> []

Then a Journalist from Germany explains conditions leading to leaving the country due to suppression of dissent and growing conditions of Germany's failing society. His own confession to being bought to sell fabrication. This is a story that vastly correlates with all of Europe to some regards and especially former USSR republics. These conditions have vastly arisen since the warring in the Middle East began after Bush, and in the 90's with NATO expansion in former USSR republics. I've talked about them many of times on this site for you to recognize as you hear them within the documentary.

A commonality found between NGO's and journalist? Say it isn't so! I told you so, many of times. NATO has its own press office made up of journalist who are suppose to be unbiased check factors? It doesn't work that way. It's pure manipulation towards brainwashing. And there's that BlackRock thing again.

As they go on about the Marshall plan, you should get a resemblance on what developed in Germany has been happening in the US especially since 2016. Financed Hitlers Party? In preparation for the cold war they released all the Nazi's? Those who cannot remember the past (or are ignorant of it) are condemned to repeat it.

Let me clarify this. Germany is now buying gas from the US at a rate 9 times higher than it was paying from Russia that the US buys from Russia. Because their gas is being stored in Poland and against the sanctions to be delivered to Germany. At one point, Poland was reversing the flow and selling it at a higher rate to Germany. Ships from Russia with gas and oil sit off the coast of Greece and transfer this gas and oil to other European ships to sell to their citizens at a much higher rate also. The newest sham that is going on, or about to, is with Turkey. Apparently Turkey is going to get in or has gotten in on this lucrative scheme by buying from Russia and reselling to Europe. Dear Europe! You're being taken for fools! Exploited out of your asses! It almost makes me feel that the exploitation we go through is legitimate 😟

The fascist will label dissent as fascism. Do you need a moment to figure that out? The suggested Russian and German relationship is quite interesting. It potentially explains why Britain and the US manufactured the Hitler move towards Russia. But clearly the Russian and China relationship is going to turn the world upside down in due time. Is Germany the deciding factor for a full blown confrontational WWlll?


In the spring of 2022, Europe, led by Berlin, imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia. Over the following six months, Germany fell into a severe economic crisis, but Europe only strengthened its sanctions on Russia. A gas shortage due to the sanctions is one of the major reasons for Germany's current troubles. The Bavarian Industry Association showed that if Russian gas supplies were completely cut off, Germany would lose 5.5 million jobs as well as 12 percent of its GDP, which amounts to 500 billion euros.

The head of Germany’s Federal Network Agency, Klaus Műller, warned Germans that gas prices would rise at least three times in 2023.

Ken Jebsen, an independent journalist, summed up the situation as such: “There is a gas deal between Russia and Germany valid for 48 months that provides the gas price of 3.5 dollars per cubic metre, but we cannot legally purchase Russian gas any more. Yet the gas deal has been signed. Whether we take our gas or not, we still have to pay. We are pumping this Russian gas, which we already paid for, into a storage facility in Poland, but we don't use it due to Washington-imposed sanctions. Instead, we are buying gas from America, at 27 dollars per cubic metre, which the Americans had previously bought from the Russians for 3 dollars. What does this have to do with sanctions? This is rank foolishness. The Americans are laughing at us, while the Russians are thinking: ‘Well, if they think they can afford it…’ This brings great harm to the German economy.”

The German media, however, offers a different explanation. "We are gas addicts," proclaimed Spiegel. Meanwhile, The Bild newspaper provides “survival” tips for its readers. "Wash your armpits, legs, and groin. These are the body areas that you need to wash if you feel unclean." Die Welt explained to Germans why getting a little cold in their flats during winter is not harmful: "It would actually be great if we shivered every day from cold, as this destroys adipose tissue."

Why is Germany so hell bent on imposing sanctions and supporting Kiev at the expense of its own economy and its people?

William_Mary 8 Oct 22
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