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The Ukraine Lobby----Zelensky & Congress Salute "Representatives of Diaspora"

During Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, a group of Ukrainians sat in the gallery of the House Chamber. Soon after Zelensky stepped up to the rostrum, they cheered, “Slava Ukraini!” The President of Ukraine waved back at them and answered, “Heroyam Slava.” Some members of Congress looked up and turned around with surprised smiles.


{The Ukraine House DC Foundation is partnered with the Olena Zelenska Foundation and United24, which Volodymyr Zelensky launched as “the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine.”}

United24 is one of the most widely seen groups on the pages of facebook. It's the poster child of false information in regards to the war and history of Ukraine in regards to WWll. If you attempt to inform westerners on their group post of exactly what they're supporting and sending their money to, your post will most likely be deleted. Mine usually are. I didn't ask for their shit to be on my feed, or any number of the groups unwanted false propaganda coming out in support of Ukraine. But obviously after many attempts to get me to donate they've seemingly blocked me for my use of democracy and free speech.

The writer previously began exposing the money ties and goes on further for 2 paragraphs after the above to detail more on United24, who it has been involved with, NGO's, world banks, relations within the US. Below is the first paragraph. This is a common make up of the western ruling class structure dominating the planet using war, sanctions, and austerity measures that inevitably destroy societies worldwide forced into a fascist structure currently happening in Ukraine. The Grayzone has been exposing these same methods used throughout Latin America and the Middle East for decades. When independent journalist attempt to expose these crimes on humanity, these groups and world banks, the people in control of them, hide behind and use our MSCMs to control the narrative with false information to deceive the world citizenry.

{Alexa Chopivsky and the CEO of Horizon Capital each moderated a “break-out session” at the July 2022 Ukraine Recovery Conference co-hosted by the Swiss and Ukrainian governments in Lugano, Switzerland. According to the event’s website, it was largely dedicated to discussing the “Recovery and Development Plan of Ukraine (within United 24 initiative of President Zelensky).” According to Multipolarista, “the Ukraine Recovery Conference’s economic proposal was little more than a repackaged Washington Consensus: a typical right-wing program that involves implementing mass privatizations, deregulating industries, gutting labor protections, cutting taxes on the rich, and putting the burden on Ukrainian workers.” In September, Zelensky virtually joined the “$125 million signing ceremony of a new Ukraine-focused fund” launched by Horizon Capital.}

Essentially what we have here is a bunch of historical avid fascist grouping with historical avid colonialist proving my point that colonialism is the mother of fascism. Which the blood sweat and tears of our labor are funding and supporting. Numbers lately indicating 100 billion of our tax dollars since 2014 and going up every month by the billions. They can't feed this crime on humanity fast enough to control win it. And they're to far in now to stop it. They thought Russia would be beat within a couple of months. But as history has seemingly failed a vast majority of US citizens due to their ignorance of it, it also failed our representation. Russian's haven't forgotten what happen during WWll as 27 million of them were killed while defending the world. Some 9 million in the military. How it started and how they had to end it. They may have been left out of the Hollywood versions of that war for so many to never have a mind for, but it's embedded into their history and they weren't going to just sit back and let it happen again. I have no problem repeating this again. A lot of great wars have been waged on Russia towards plundering it, and all the greatest had their asses handed to them, even when they thought they were winning.

{Banderite proxies still run the UCCA, including its president Andriy Futey, who sat with his father Bohdan between IMF officials and Natalie Jaresko in the House Chamber. In 1984, four years after the Banderite “coup” of the UCCA, Bohdan Futey went from being its leader in Cleveland to the head of the U.S. Foreign Claims Commission. In 1987, Ronald Reagan appointed him to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. A couple years later, in his book Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party, journalist Russ Bellant disclosed that he interviewed an OUN-B member. “You have to understand,” explained the Banderite. “We are an underground organization. We have spent years quietly penetrating positions of influence.” According to Bellant, Bohdan Futey was “described as [one of] the contact points between the OUN-B and the White House.” Since I started writing this, someone in the Ukrainian community has declared that “Andriy Futey leaks [sic] Waz ass!” For those who don’t read my Bandera Lobby Blog, “Waz” is the nickname of the U.S. leader of OUN-B.}

Don't think for a minute that our representation doesn't know they're working with fascist. Western leaders have been working with fascist since WWll. They are fascist. They've been fascist for centuries.

{Perhaps Zelensky’s interaction with Ukrainians in the gallery was orchestrated to put any Republican legislators on notice who might have thought about heckling him, and/or to send a message to certain parties that Zelensky is standing side by side with the self-described “rabid Ukrainian diaspora” that raged against him before the war. Volodymyr Zelensky has certainly won the hearts and minds of many, such as UCCA president Andriy Futey, who now fawns over him: “my hero!” But in 2019, days after the Banderite Bloomingdale conclave, the OUN-B launched the far-right “Capitulation Resistance Movement” in Kyiv against the newly elected President of Ukraine, when Zelensky was still presumed to be a peacemaker.}

We're not alone either. As I have informed in the past, after WWll along with many top Germany Nazis, Ukrainian fascist were let loose around the globe in collaboration with the CIA. Our neighbor Canada has a mirroring political identity crises also. Also written by Moss Robeson posted at The Grayzone.

How a network of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists penetrated Canada’s Conservative Party to lobby for military conflict

Once an underground network of fascist ideologues shunned by the Ukrainian Canadian community for “criminal ideas,” Canada’s ultra-nationalist Bandera lobby is today a major political player. It recently rubbed shoulders with former PM Stephen Harper and top contenders for the leadership of his Conservative Party.


If you're on facehack and follow politics there, you can keep up with the Bandera Lobby Blog there also.


William_Mary 8 Dec 24
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