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While here in the US----Crickets. Our citizenship is apparently ignorant or blissfully content as our representation supports and funds Nazi fascism. Even right here in the US openly in public. Nothing could go wrong here?

European antiwar protests gain strength as NATO’s Ukraine proxy war escalates

Europeans are storming the streets in unprecedented numbers to protest NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine and their own declining living standards. The Grayzone has covered demonstrations and interviewed protest leaders in several countries since the war erupted.


Top Biden officials address pro-war rally led by Ukrainian Nazi supporters

USAID’s Samantha Power joined EU and US officials who rallied at the Lincoln Memorial at a pro-war demonstration organized by a clique of Ukrainian activists that have described themselves as “true Banderites” and “Right Sektor’s Washington DC branch.”


{High-ranking Biden foreign policy officials including USAID Administrator, Samantha Power, and Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Karen Donfried, observed the first anniversary of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. There, on February 25, 2023, they rallied alongside a band of Beltway-based Ukrainian activists dedicated to honoring and fundraising for ultra-nationalists and war criminals. The demonstrators demanded that the US send F-16 fighter jets to Kiev and “punish Russia” by any means necessary.

Power’s USAID promoted the event with a media advisory that redirected visitors to the rally’s principal organizer, an NGO called US Ukrainian Activists. This was one of two Ukrainian diaspora groups that organized the rally, and both have openly supported far-right elements in Ukraine since the US-backed Maidan coup in 2014.

US Ukrainian Activists was founded by Nadiya Shaporynska, an avowed supporter of neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist militias like the Azov Battalion, whom she has described “heroic defenders of Ukraine.” Shaporynska’s fundraising efforts for extremists groups that were at one point blacklisted by the US Department of Defense have been prolific and very public.}

Karen Donfried---Victoria Nuland 2.0 Working right here in the US to build a stronger Nazi fascist community. Those who might not understand that. Victoria Nuland, as the then Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, lead the overthrow of a democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014 to install a new puppet Nazi fascist government. Apparently her reward was a higher position in the Biden administration who worked with her in Ukraine as vice president at the time. Karen Donfried is apparently the 2.0 version on spreading it here in the US now.

Ukrainian fascist had been primarily working from the underground since the end of WWll. They have been slowly working their way to take over organizations and move into government positions. During the Reagan administration he began placing these fascist into our government under the radar. [] They've come a long way and seemingly growing in leaps and bounds now.

Let me repeat this. Colonialism is the mother of fascism. And the babies she's been spreading all over the globe since WWll at the behest of the CIA is becoming a full fledge adult in the US. Karen Donfried and our government is unleashing that adult into our society. Our fascist ruling class and governments are all wrapped up in a bed with Nazi's who now have publicly open sleeper cells throughout our nation. What can go wrong?

William_Mary 8 Mar 5
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There is an epidemic of hubris in the states. Looking forward to a new world order where the US has to resort to diplomacy rather than military might and sanctions to enforce their world view on others.
Unfortunately, Americans are too apathetic to take your detailed writings on.

puff Level 8 Mar 7, 2023

Hubris? They call it nationalism. Only their version of nationalism isn't in regards of country interest while building relationships with others, it's a construct to eliminate others based on ethnicity, culture, language, and the benefits of plundering. Murderously. And they have a religion behind it that goes against the vast majority of any sane society. People better start waking up to this as anyone can easily become a target of theirs for any fabricated reason.

@William_Mary many seem to have the memory of a goldfish, which I put to a lack of empathy/ emotions ie memories are weak if not tied to emotion. The populace is desensitised to violence thus no emotive memories.
It really is death by a thousand cuts. Little by little more "privileges" of life get eroded, like medical consent, yet many cheer......................until the day it effects them directly that is. A clear lack of the ability to empathise imo.
I have believed for a long time the Patriot Act was the beginning of the end; the ability to bypass Congress and giving the Pentagon unlimited and unaccountable power. This legislation needs to be torn up, with the organisations which arose from it disbanded. A very essential, good start imo.

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