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These bastards killed a baby elephant. I hope the both get brain cancer and die a horrible death. If there was a God these two would be dead or have brain cancer, already. A picture like this is all the prove I need to know God is but a piece of rock shaped into nothing. A do nothing nothing. If i had a magic button I could push these guys would suffer for as long as I could keep them alive.What a horrible horrible picture to see, heart breaking. I wish the both of you nothing but a horrible life and death.

Tourirst 7 July 22
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Well, it's the "sport" of hunting.Until the other animals can use guns and shoot off a leg, face, whatever- before the final kill- it is not "sporting". "The sport of fishing"! The cameras are on the clowns talking about all their techniques. They finally get the hook into the fish's mouth, hold it up, and blither away--- then they throw the "trash" back in the water. The evil enjoyment is profound!

Diogenes Level 8 Oct 21, 2021

what a profoundly hideous species we are. rarely are two such stark examples seen out of camouflage like these two. .........but you here in your clubhouse, striking your heroic postures, chanting your formulaic bromides, apparently for the sake of your children's stories ......back the lens off a few feet, look at yourselves, your actual behavior in the mass,.............. and there's no difference to be seen between you. even as individuals you blend in. and the destruction doesn't miss a beat. am i wrong? are there eco-monks among you?

holdenc98 Level 7 July 30, 2021

I'm a vegetarian and have been like most of my life. Leonardo DaVinci said it best "I do not want to be a tomb for other animals." Or words to their effect. As repugnant as I find eating meat, shooting this beautiful animal is despicable. Actually, I'm on my sailboat and not a "clubhouse." Being a vegetarian when surrounded by fish is fine by me and never tire of my diet. So don't judge a book by its cover as this picture tells it all. My entire life I have fought the meat industry for its cruelty to animals and have taken tons of flack for it. On here and everywhere else. My comments stand, I hope they die



richiegtt Level 8 July 23, 2021

you wish? did you really just say that, man. you know thats all “pray” meant when the bible was being translated, right

they have names and address, wtf is still stopping you? and you wanna blame god, priceless

ok, rant over, have a nice day
what Tejas said, unfortunately
one might as easily thank Yah, that at least we are able to shame them now; 100 years ago this would have been comedy or something, right, Edison. So, progress, my idealist friend

bbyrd009 Level 7 July 23, 2021

Go rant somewhere else. "Blame God" Semantics are over your head. And you did not read it right. This is what you get out of this horrible picture? To come after me? I am well aware of what Edison did, and he is dead. I do not believe in God. I said, "If there was a God" they would be dead, and they are not. Leave me alone, and bother someone else if you don't like the way I write. It is a cruel picture. I have no interest in you or your comments. And I'm asking you nicely. Please don't Troll me with comments of this nature, or I will complain to Admin.


And they feel so proud of their dastardly deed. However, I'm sure this picture has gone out and they will start to get feedback on what crass cowards they are.

JackPedigo Level 9 July 23, 2021

Fuckwad assholes

bobwjr Level 10 July 23, 2021

Grim photograph. Quite shaming for our species that the basest specimens of humankind like this pair feel the need to hunt and kill a defenceless beautiful, wld creature for fun.

I only feel shame and sadness for these men when I look at this picture…and can’t help but wonder what society they were raised in which encouraged them into the belief that they were entitled to this activity to the point of them actually bragging about it and photographing themselves with their kill as a trophy of their success. What a sad commentary it is of that society that raised them to think this way!

Marionville Level 10 July 23, 2021

Hunting is a cowardly act as far as I am concerned.

Sticks48 Level 9 July 23, 2021

Hunting brings in more money for Elephant conservation than anything else by far. I don't agree that's how it should work, but it is what it is.

Tejas Level 7 July 23, 2021

please ducument that.

what the hell is "it is what it is", anyway? i hear that every time someone's done something really evil that im supposed to ignore. like murder a baby elephant. explain to me again, how does that help preservation? did hitler give to united jewish appeal?

@holdenc98 you don't like it? Put your money where your mouth is and donate to help conservation.

@Tejas .its just that phrase i don't like. and i do question the role of elephant hunters in stopping elephant hunting atrocities. but i do think that behind that likely error your hearts in the right place. i like you fine.

@Tejas, I have been doing that for decades. Do that—doing that.


humanity at it's worst.
too bad some ppl opposed to that cowardly barbarism don't get together & form a group to hunt down & end their existence.

better to sit here in agnostic armchairs and bloviate in harmony. who has a good idea for common action?


I wish I could teach animals how shit works.


Real Men! Now if you want to impress me make it alive again. Otherwise you are just a menace to society.


I thought it was illegal to kill elephants anywhere but evidently Botswana has opened up elephant hunting.

"Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting" []

Lorajay Level 9 July 23, 2021

black governmente matter


Killing animals for food I can understand. Killing animals for sports revolts me.

anglophone Level 8 July 23, 2021

I don't see a difference. You don't need to eat animals, so to me, both actions boil down to "killing animals for human pleasure".


So brave, so talented,...assholes!

phxbillcee Level 10 July 23, 2021

Humans sure can be pure shit at times.

Joanne Level 7 July 23, 2021

The temptation to use those men for target practice with a high velocity rifle ...

at times? human beings are, despite rare exceptions a planetary pesk and getting exponentially worse, with an outof control doubling population to match, destroying the biosphere, and should be eradicated. its hard to look honestly at what we are. our' next step sould be mass suicide pacts, but only the best of us would join in. eco terrorism anyone?

@holdenc98 : Humans are also capable of profound kindness. The unfortunate irony is that we are the only life, at least on this planet, that can explore, learn about, appreciate...our planet, its life, and the universe; yet we are also the only species on our planet that can destroy our ability to survive on it...and wipe out other life forms due to our greed, ignorance, or downright stupidity.

@Joanne Humans are also capable of profound kindness. ?

  maybe some....   "by their works ye shall know them "   our works are the 6th mass extinction.   since the industrial revotution.  the only mass extinction ever caused by a life form.....   but you nailed it at the end

@holdenc98 : Not all humans are destroying the planet and causing mass extinctions. Unfortunately, those who aren't will also pay the price...perhaps even a higher one.

@Joanne How many people are really childless and carbon neutral (just for starters)?
And if they are, they're doing their part for the necessary extinction of mankind for planetary survival.

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