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@Madisonian, before anything we debate upon becomes further entangled in the one now running, I'd like to open up a debate here as well.
It is in regards to your statement of , quote. "being sceptical regarding ANY reports on the Television of the Ark being found/discovered" and yet in the same paragraph you say that you believe an article publish by that states that on Mt. Ararat in Turkey Magnetic scans and X-rays were done of a certain region on the mountain which revealed the outline shapes of the Ark.
Is that correct?
It should be because those are very much like the words you, yourself used are they not?
So let us get down and into discussing/debating a few of the more salient nitty-gritty points here shall we.
Firstly, X-ray/CT Scanning/scans, etc, can ONLY be performed upon BLOCKS of material such as rock, etc, AFTER they have been located FIRST and the unearthed and removed for further examination and study.
This being because for the particles emitted by a X-ray machine/CT Scanner, etc require 2 main things, a) an Emitter to emit the particles commonly called 'rays' btw, and,
b) a receiving or detection plate or sensor opposite to the Emitter and in as close a vicinity as possible.
ergo, to ACTUALLY X-ray the surface of a region on Mt. Ararat or anywhere else on DRY LAND a detection plate/sensor would have to have BEEN inserted DEEP BELOW the ground surface and that would have meant either a drilling operation or an operation akin to tunneling would it not?
Secondly we come to their 'claimed' Magnetometeric Scans revealing the shadows of the structural members of this mythological Ark of Noah.
a) Magnetometry in Archaeology, etc, is ONLY utilized to DETECT the things which are REFLECTIVE to Magnetic Waves or Altered Magnetic Fields.
A Magnetometer can ONLY, at its very best detect such buried things as ferrous materials ( iron and steel which would NOT have been used in the construction of the said mythological Ark as it was, presumably constructed in the late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age where as Iron smelting and working came quite a lot later, speaking centuries-wise, ergo, IF any metal fastenings were used on the mythical Ark then they would have of either copper( very, very, expensive at that time) or bronze or brass, both being alloys of copper and would NOT have an associated electro-magnetic field detectable by a Magnetometer.
Just as neither would ANY remnants of wood or other natural materials, etc, etc,.
Now I have the ENTIRE article as published by and NOWHERE do they make mention of utilizing G.P.R. Scanning techniques, core samplings, retrieval of POSSIBLE archaeological artifacts, etc, etc, all they mention is laying out of ribbons of tape following the lines noted as scanned by the Magnetometer/s.
Now we ALL know that NATURAL MOUNTAINS are made up of Rock and Stone don't we?
So, it is ONLY logical and rational that a Magnetometer would have a 'field day' detecting rocks and stones in layers as lain down Millenia ago and then moved in to vertical or sloping positions by the often NOT so subtle movements of the Earth's Crust and the Tectonic plates moving around as they are always doing.
A couple of extremely obvious examples of the above are the Rockies of the U.S.A., the Himalayan Mountains and the Alps of Europe, all formed by the movements and pressures of the Tectonic Plates.
Ergo and imo, my most honest and educated opinion, the article publish by is a fake as the are the bible, the Story of the Great Flood, Exodus, Genesis and EVERY other Religion EVER invent y humans and any yet to be invented by them in the future.
I now await your counter-points to this topic of debate.

Triphid 9 Jan 11
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So, I get a "Madisonian tagged you" message for this debate by still a NO Show, I guess these "Soldiers for Christ" haven't quite the 'holy Spirit ' in them as much as they claim then hey?
Maybe a little less of the 'Spirit" and a whole lot MORE of the Backbone may well be in order if Jesus wants his Army to conquer the Atheists.

Triphid Level 9 Jan 16, 2022

OMG you are really wasting your precious only lifetime debating an Ark-believer with Facts??????? Too funny!

AnneWimsey Level 9 Jan 11, 2022

No, I am merely hoping to exercising my 'talents' of tearing him a few new orifices IF, and that is a MASSIVE if btw, he can gather up the balls enough to debate with me that is.


I thought he bugged out two days ago?

racocn8 Level 9 Jan 11, 2022

No, he is still around.

@anglophone I hope he hasn't I was just beginning to enjoy the pleasures derived from tear him a new one or three.


Lots of obvious rant...but let's get down to the facts.

Robecology Level 9 Jan 11, 2022

Meaning WHAT precisely?
Did I NOT lay out ALL the Facts clearly enough for you?

Going by your Profile and Bio, you state that you were a Teacher from '67 to 2012, given that it takes approx. between 3 and 5 years at Uni to train a School Teacher that plus the 4 years since you joined Agnostic. com, your age would probably be in the range of between 70 to 75-79 years of age.
Thus at rough estimate your year of birth would circa 1943 -1947.

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