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Cow Pen Daisy. I collected seeds for this plant from one I came across in a field near my home. The flowers were so bright and golden I wanted to grow them. It was during a time I was particularly interested in native plants. These flowers are not really good representations because they are too regular. Often the plants that have bloomed are more scraggly and the flower often look like they are missing petals. I still like the color of the flowers and have attempted to seed future plants to the outskirts of my yard, but with no success.

The plants name comes from how distasteful this plant is to cattle. They would eat down everything else around their enclosures leaving these to bloom and go to seed.

RussRAB 7 Sep 25
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Ooo, Im looking for different kinds of flowers to paint. Ill add this to my list. I like the serrated edges!


I find them very pretty! And the color does 'pop'.

Heidi68 Level 8 Sep 25, 2020

I love their color and these are well shaped. The only complant I have with them is when the flowers open and look kind of raggedy.


How interesting. Do you live in the prairie?

Spinliesel Level 8 Sep 25, 2020

I live in North Texas which is prairie. I don't recall what their range is.