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I got a 15 gallon Pomegranate tree, when planting it I noticed it has ants that looks like are cultivating aphids on the fruits. Should I spray it with something? I am not sure if they have a nest there

mander207 4 June 22
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I have no idea the thought of growing a pomegranate tree is totally foreign to me.


Insect pests will come to them, but generally bugs show up when plants are under stress. If they get problems, it's usually aphids, red spider mites, mealy bugs, which can be taken care of soap and water (40 parts water, 1 part liquid soap) 20 ounce spray bottle (20 ounces water, 1/2 ounce OR 1 Tbsp of liquid soap). If you have mealy bug or scale (they have waxy coatings), then add 8 parts rubbing alcohol to the 40:1 mixture, which breaks down the waxy cover of the bugs.

Surfpirate Level 8 June 23, 2018

I blast them with water. Then would try neem oil water and soap mixture.

Donto101 Level 7 June 23, 2018

Lots of good relatively non-toxic ant baits out there which they will feed on and bring back to their nest. The ants grow and farm the aphids underground and out of reach of natural predators like lady bugs. Aphids can just be washed off plants with a gentle hose spray anyway, but best to get them at the source.

No ant bait needed. Just get rid of the aphids. A blast with soapy water or soluble fertilizer will bring them to their knees. All six of them.
Plus, sooner or later the predators will come, such as lacewings, ladybirds, braconids, Syrphid larvae and other insects, and will control the aphids naturally.

@Leafhead How does any of that affect the growing of aphids by the ants down in the ant nest?

I know that Braconids can easily penetrate small spaces and infest aphids. They are a fraction of the size of ants and go unnoticed by ants.
For ants, I recommend a good old fashioned flooding.

@Leafhead That's good to know then. I have no aphid problems myself, but some very small ants do appear on things like peony buds and blooms which have a sweet nectar. I don't mind sharing my flower space though. Unless we can get God to do another Noah's Flood magic trick, I think the ants are here to stay.

Ants on some plants, like peonies, are good. They invite ants by exuding sweet or waxy substance on their buds and new growth.
The ants then defend the plant


I would just let nature do it's thing. You probably separated the ants from the queen, so the problem will resolve itself


There are a number of sprays that will get rid of the aphids. Watch the ants and see where the worker ants are going. If they have a next in the ground . If the worker ants have a trail from the tree leading to the ant hill or next, get Orthonex (a white powder)and sprinkle powder along the trail. The worker ants will get it on their bodies and take it into the next, where it will wipe out the entire next or colony. Without the ants, you will not have aphids.

wordywalt Level 8 June 23, 2018

Ladybugs will eat aphids. If you can't get them locally, you can get them fast from Amazon. Try not to have to spray any plant you want to eat from.

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