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Three sisters garden

Donto101 7 Mar 2
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Did this last year it was a disaster all I got was a few squash just too hot and dry I think.


I read about companion planting years ago, I find it fascinating. My primary reason for growing vegetables is tomatoes. There is nothing so tasty as a tomato still warm from the sun right off the vine.


I like this.


Also, I use beans to 'tie' my tomato plants up. Works great!


This is so true....and a little-known northern gardening trick. But now's the time to put this to least in Southern and S. Western gardens....

thank you for confirming that this was indeed a Native American way of growing their three staple foods ... I thought so, and was about to go Google it, then read your post. I had done this before, but was not entirely successful because i did not time it right ... important to plant in the sequence, with the timing, as stated above.

@dede18 I saw this sign when I went to Mt. Mohonk a couple of years celebrate the birthday of both the gent in the picture, and moi....born on the same day 9 years later!


Watch who you tell these things to!!!


Are you gonna try?

Zoohome Level 8 Mar 2, 2019

Yes we are doing it now

@Donto101 keep us updated


Like it! Looks great: does it work?

Yes that’s how my grand father planted them.

@Donto101 I long to have the space. I won’t forget this

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