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Since I am still wandering and not able to have a garden, I have been looking into CSA's (community supported agriculture) and wondering if it's a good way to get my fresh produce or is it better to just hit farmers markets and farm stands throughout the summer.
Any experience with CSA's out there?

Akfishlady 8 May 16
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A year ago I opened up my garden space to my friends and family to come out and grow whatever veggies they wanted .and also help with the work to take care of it and I had a few friends that did. and this year they're back again plus one. Everyone shares and there's more than enough, to take extra if they want. I like doing this a lot, gives me company and it's fun working together. The garden space is 220ft square. and if this keeps growing with more people than I make another big space. I'll be posting pictures as soon as crops start growing the only cost is to split cost of seeds and different things that we decide we need.

kenriley Level 8 May 16, 2018

@Akfishlady Well it wasn't my idea, sitting out on my back porch drinking some beer with two friends, I guess I telling them keeping up with my garden by myself was just too dam much work. One of said i should start a community garden, so this what drinking friends can come up with.

@Akfishlady Well that would be fun. There a few people on this site that I would enjoy a few beers or smoke with.


Not here in the states. A bunch in Germany if that helps.


My kids did a CSA, ended up with more than they could use. Usually CSAs are set up for families, no singles or couples. And you tend to get loads of what is ripe all at once. Being single I decided what I'm not growing I'll get from the Farmer's Market.

Agreed, that's the usual way a CSA works.


I have heard of a couple around me. But there is a farmers market and a bunch of farm stand that I hit on a regular basis. I’m not getting anything from my food forest yet. Except a hand full of blueberries and one peach lol but it was a supper sweet peach

Donto101 Level 7 May 16, 2018

I had a friend that lived on a boat down in the islands and he'd plant sweet potatoes where ever he could find decent soil he got sick of eating sweet potatoes after a couple years .

Besalbub Level 7 May 16, 2018

You're buying a share in the garden. If it's a good growing season there's alot of product. If it's a lousy season, share some of the risk. It's a good deal, I think. It puts some money into the farmer's hands at the beginning of planting season so it improves the chances of a strong crop. That's the model in my area. I'm sure there are variations.

and it's easy .

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