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He needs his meds!

noworry28 8 Aug 6
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Today at least you can just stop by the local Marijuana dispensary....

A series of dots at the end of a sentence CAN mean the speaker has taken a pause and is looking off into space in a glaze. In the case, looking off thinking what to say next.

Going to a marijuana dispensery is entirely dependent on which state of the union a person lives in. Ergo I keep looking at cheap flights to Denver.

I hear Denver has a nice art museum. I'd rather go back to Amsterdam. Whoa, talk about good art museums!

@WonderWartHog99 How do you keep a fool busy?....

@WonderWartHog99 Went throughthr Rockies last year and those dispenseries were everywhere. Looked a lot like gvmnt liquor stores. I didn't partake, but it was nice to see the option available.

@wolf041 The civilized states and even some of the less so all have them these days... He just lives in one that is in Trump's own rhetoric "kind of a shithole..."
I just went to one yesterday here in San Bernardino called Captain Jack's a really nice place. I bought the Breez relaxation tablets they are 50/50 CBD/THC with 50 tablets and 1000mg per box for 56.79, and the synergy 1:1 balm for 35.99. Before I went over I had been in a lot of pain from the arthritis for the last week and a half and within a few hours after taking a pill and using the balm on my knees and shoulder I had nearly no pain at all and I don't have to worry about the toxic as well as highly addictive crap the doctor wants to prescribe me that is nowhere near as effective. People think these dispensaries bring down neighborhoods and cause crimes but crime actually went down there when they opened and the cops no longer have to raid the strip club that used to run prostitutes that used to occupy the building...

@wolf041 In Colorado they have restrictive laws where one can smoke d'rope, thus an outbreak on eatables.

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I've found the pain balms work better than taking any kind of aspirin. Those pills sound intriguing, time to do some research.

@Freespirit64 Each pill contains 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD... These aren't aspirin by any means and cover me pretty well as anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory without interfering with cognitive abilities.

@Lizard_of_Ahaz yeah, being high is not always my preferred condition, lol. Thanks for the tip!

@Freespirit64 Another reason for oral consumption is that it is more a "body high" than mental and lasts longer than smoking or vaping anyway. Also CBD helps suppress the psychoactive proprieties of THC...


Pint o' whisky will do.