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Identifies as cyclist

Heather2367 8 June 25
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Is he a trans cyclist or trans biker ?

Moravian Level 8 June 25, 2021

Ryan Crouser should identify as a woman and throw the 12 pound shot out of the stadium.

BD66 Level 8 June 25, 2021

oh what records would be set in that women's sport!


Cute joke!

Meanwhile...Somebody help me think of some prominent athletes that have dominated their sport as a trans person, skewing the field for everyone else. I can't seem to come up with a single one.

Meanwhile, the list of athletes who have juiced seems ongoing: Lance Armstrong, Mark McGwire, Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, Rafael Palmiero, Manny Ramirez, Floyd Landis, Justin Gatlin, Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, this year's Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit, pretty much the entire East German women's Olympic team through the 1970s, etc.

Sammy Sosa ? 1/2 the NFL?

@twill yes! Etc. Etc.

@twill cycling, major league baseball, track and field,weightlifting, ...all sports with ongoing patterns of chemical cheating.

Okay, that's been an odd recurrence.
I know of a few stories where a person did use the Trans status to Transition for a time, just to compete in Women's competition in professional play. Yet, it seems more frequently, when ever I search for any countering articles or papers that present a different view, that I have read before. Well, those papers are becoming more difficult to find, and in their place are just articles that support the Trans narrative 0%.
To me, as a Trans person, who loves to look at both sides of everything, and know that there is true aspects of both sides, it's disheartening and freighting to see so much counter view disappearing.

@Ello Really? Never have I read of a verified case of that. Sounds like some anti-trans groups cooked up those stories to float from shady pseudo-journalism sources, then pulled them before they would have been nailed for their patently slanderous fraudulent propaganda.

There was a pro men's tennis player in the late 60's, I think, who transitioned and tried playing the women's circuit for a while but ultimately quit. She was not dominent, and she certainly did not change gender for career.

@MikeInBatonRouge There's an old post about a runner who did something around the lines to win a medal, yet de-transitioned after wards.

I at least think there was. Think that was 20 some or so years ago.


Was the award given to the so-called cyclist or to his bike?


I identify as a 71 yr. old man with maxed out Social Security benefits..where's my CHECK !?!?Q??

twill Level 7 June 25, 2021
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