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When someone tries to tell me how to raise my kids.

EricTrommater 9 Feb 11
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The first thing to come to mind is when can I meet your children? The second is what interest do they perceive there to be to them in how my children are 'raised'?

Silver1wun Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

I'm guilty of that, but I accept your double birds with all due respect. I see people screaming insults at their kids for missing a fly ball, and something inside me lashes out. My filter which sucks to start with gets even worse, and I always end up going off on the father/mother. About a year ago last summer I watched a woman leave her infant in her car as she walked into the grocery store. Yeah, I said something about that too, but not to her, but to 911. Unfortunatly she walked out after about 15 minutes and before the cops showed up. I was standing guard over her child to make damn sure no sicko pervert took her infant. All I said to her was, "At this moment your mothering skill suck!"

paul1967 Level 8 Feb 11, 2018


Charlene Level 9 Feb 11, 2018

Yup, always hated that....if I wanted to know something, I would ask, but I cannot stand unsolicited advice. I consider it insulting and highly presumptuous on the part of the person who thinks they can tell me what to do. Not just with my kids, although that was the worst, but really with anything.

marga Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

I found that often times that was a springboard to an important discussion with a child.


It is hard to hear these people...but in retrospect, I wish I had allowed myself to examine...if what someone said about how to raise children made good sense. I thought I knew what was best for my children, but I found out in their future selves...they were short changed! And they have let me know it too! But, then on the other hand back then, I thought i knew everything I needed to know! What I failed to realize, was how my personal misery effected my children.


I did an awesome job myself! Didn't need anyone telling me how to do it!

geeky1965 Level 6 Feb 11, 2018

Depending nonn their tone I just politely ignore them.,

cdj1122 Level 3 Feb 11, 2018

And people with no kids are the worse!

BeeHappy Level 9 Feb 11, 2018

"Experts" abound

Livinlife Level 9 Feb 11, 2018

Wish I could.like this twice.


I just smile and say “whatever.”

Gatovicolo Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

Right on!

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