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I need a new suit...

By BeeHappy9
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I need a lady to take the wrinkles out.

Eirteacher Level 7 May 9, 2018



& for some reason, the dry-cleaners have banned me!

phxbillcee Level 9 May 7, 2018

Of course, there is another way to look at it...



Steam clean that sucker, make it wrinkle free.

mistymoon77 Level 9 May 7, 2018

We'll get in a shower together & do each other's backs, or something!



Yeah I need to iron mine or something.

No, misty's right, steam is the trick! Shower time!

So much for wrinkle free wash and dry...


My mirror needs to be recalibrated.

LEPeff Level 8 May 7, 2018

Hey, I didn't think about that. Great idea!! smile001.gif

@Duke, that would be good for you.


I want to slide in to death at the last minute or late. Like I do everything else. In a body that tells everyone I had a good frickin time. Lol

Livinlife Level 8 May 7, 2018

And I don't know how I got it so wrinkled

Captnron59 Level 9 May 7, 2018

Did you leave it in the dryer?

That happens when its been soaking too long, & not saying in what.

@mistymoon77 cannabis oil? I don't drink.

@Captnron59 that could be interesting.. oil is good for the skin

@mistymoon77 which do you prefer? Coconut or sunflower oil? I have both.

@Captnron59 almond coconut

@mistymoon77 that's oil you can eat?

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