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Sex, pizza, and pets... I mean, not my first choices, but not bad.

Aivery 7 Oct 31
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love pizza travel - I'm changing my phone #. LOL

Dandewine Level 7 Oct 31, 2018

Sleep, sex, sleep... yep, that would make me happy. ?

BeeHappy Level 9 Oct 31, 2018

@MrLizard Yep!?

or should it be,sleep,sex?

@lookinhard That would work too! ?


WOW, after reading some of these comments I'm now "worried" about people going to ridiculous lengths to figure out my phone number!! Is this why some people are distrustful of others, because there are yahoos that actually DO that? I personally will go thru ZERO % hassle (or math, yikes) in order to decipher someone's digits; I MIGHT ask, if he says no/not yet then I won't even ask a second time. But seriously, I only answer the phone 1/2 the time when someone I know is calling, random # calling me doesn't stand a chance πŸ˜‰
BTW, my digits absolutely do NOT match what I need, LMAO!!

Wendy965 Level 5 Oct 31, 2018

That's nutz

its things like this that make me think we live in Bizarro World.


Not going to give out 3/4 of my phone number, but it is perfect.

nvrnuff Level 8 Oct 31, 2018

You would actually be giving out 3/10ths of it if you use 10 digits. If you drop the area code off the front, you are giving out 3/7ths or about 40%. Being you're from Texas and a bass's no wonder math isn't your strong suit. πŸ™‚ I would say more, but being from Tennessee I can't read or write, and my 16 y/o wife, sister, aunt that is typing this for me has to go to work as a truck stop stripper.

@jondspen Duh, the area code and prefix wouldn't be hard to figure out since my city is posted. Not so much of a genius are you?

@nvrnuff Well, considering that there are cell and land lines that serve an area, as well as some areas having multiple landline prefix codes, and/or multiple area codes...yea it would be hard to figure out.

@jondspen You assume a lot from one picture. I play 6 different instruments, and my math skills are above par. You are simply a judgemental simpleton.

@jondspen For someone with limited skills, maybe.

@nvrnuff need to relax. It was a joke. Are you that angry and insecure you can't take a joke? Did you not read the whole post and my self-deprecating ending to the comment that stereotyped ME as the inbred hick hillbilly? And yes, I saw your pic playing the I realized you play multiple instruments. Seems you're being the judgmental one here.

@jondspen You made the assumptions, not I. Your self degradtion does not justify it.

@jondspen If that's your idea of a joke, it's not funny.

@nvrnuff You're right. I assumed a joke wouldn't be taken so seriously, but I was wrong. Sorry I offended. Thank you for your response though, reminds me why I consider Texas to be the shittiest state in the union. Happy Halloween!

@jondspen I think your post comes under 'unnecessary meanness'.

@jondspen Stupid is as stupid does.

@nvrnuff You're absolutely right. Giving out 3 numbers of a 10 digit number is 75%. I am such an ignorant ass to make a joke that it's not. Thank you for the clarification!

@jondspen The area code and prefix are not MY number, the last 4 digits are. Could you please grow a brain?

@nvrnuff So, if a girl asks for your number, or a bar manager needs to call you for a gig, or on your resume, you only put 4 numbers? It's been my experience that when someone is asked for their phone number, they give either 10 or 7 digits, at least since the advent of cell phones. I'm not calling you a liar because you refuse to be wrong, I'm just saying it's something I haven't seen in 2-3 decades. your logic, all you put on an envelop for your address is the street number? No street name, city, state, or zip? After all, that other shit isn't your address either, right? Looking forward to your well thought out argument and another insult from you in the next message! Happy Halloween!

@jondspen Apples and oranges, public domain and private exchange, and I don't put my address on an envelope. If someone needs a return address, it is provided in the sealed envelope. That good enough for you? You started this, I didn't, but I'm about to end it.

@nvrnuff So when you're on the public internet, your phone number is 4 digits, but when giving it to someone privately it turns into 10 digits? Thus the laws of math are magically transformed b/c of the context you and you alone are talking when discussing your phone number? Guess it's more of that Texas math I just don't get. Sounds a lot like christian reasoning to me.'re original assertion was that 3 digits of your phone number represent 75%. It had nothing to do with to whom or the circumstances you were sharing.

And ok....not meant to distract you more, but when you order something, or get a bill in the mail, or someone mails you something, do they only put the street address number? Care to answer directly instead of trying to dodge the questions this time?


Pizza Sex and Sex -- I like both of those things but I'd really like that $1mil or Love instead of that second Sex.

At least you got

@Cabsmom More of it than I need. What'd you get?

@Sgt_Spanky, love, pets, and travel...not bad, but no sex

@Cabsmom I'll trade you my Sex for your Love. I'll even throw in Pizza so you get Sex, Pizza, Pets, and Travel and I get Love and Sex. I'll just pay for pizza.

@Sgt_Spanky I want sex and love. You can have my travel.

@Cabsmom Okay, I'll take your Travel for one of my Sex and would you be willing to share your Love for my Pizza?

@Sgt_Spanky ok...we can share.

@Cabsmom Great! I'll have my attorney draw up the papers in the morning. Also, now that we both have Sex; your place or mine?

@Sgt_Spanky, hmmm...I'll have to get back to you.


All I I need too change my phone number.

Cabsmom Level 8 Nov 8, 2018

Travel, sleep and pets!? sex for me I guess...what a shock lol

Dwgwnr Level 6 Nov 5, 2018

Sleep Love Sex - nice combo but maybe wrong order


Friends, love, and 1 million dollars!

LouisD61 Level 7 Nov 3, 2018

Sex, pizza and sex... I can dig that!

RiverRick Level 7 Nov 1, 2018

pizza, love , love. Love makes me very happy and I like pizza.

flower_nut Level 7 Oct 31, 2018

All true.


011, I may not be rich but I can hope to be happy

zorialoki Level 8 Oct 31, 2018

Pizza, $1 million, sleep. To be honest, I don't really need the pizza.

mikecagain Level 7 Oct 31, 2018

Music, Music Music. Ironic.


Cool, with enough of these little quizzes you could eventually get a lot of info about a lot of people on a site...


Umbral Level 8 Oct 31, 2018

@Aivery Some people obviously don't think so. Takes all kinds I guess....

@jondspen easy there superhero. it was a joke. Maybe not a good one, but doesn't warrant shots from the peanut gallery.

Furthermore, fun or not, joke or not, using enough of these quizzes on sites can in fact garner someone a lot of very valuable info from quite a few active posters over time. Or maybe you don't think that's possible phone number ending 664?

It's called phishing. Look it up. There's this thing called Google you could use if you'd like.

You know, since we're being all condescending and snippy.

@Umbral My comment wasn't directed toward you. I took your comment as half tongue-in-cheek, half serious. And even if I didn't, I don't see how my comment to Aivery is condescending. Some people find this funny...some people are paranoid and think hackers are trying to steal their identity. Like I said....takes all kinds (to make the world go around) I guess.

Yes, I have a Master's in Computer Engineering, focus in Information Security (ironic - huh?) I have heard once or twice about Phishing. My suggestion, if someone is that concerned about their identity being stolen from this post, site, or i-net in general....don't comment, don't be a member, and don't go online. If I wanted to steal your identity...I know far better and easier ways to do so.

How about we all just lighten up this morning and enjoy a Happy Halloween?

@jondspen No, your condescending attitude was directed squarely at me. Don't try and deflect now. Maybe get down off your high horse before going at someone?

Also, since you just can't seen to stop your high and mightyness, if you did in fact have the knowledge base you say you do, then you would surely know that most phishing scams are perpetrated by people who's computer skills are limited. Ummmmmm It's why they take the low tech route of these quizzes to get phone numbers, DOBs, adresses and other names & numbers. They can not only get your name, phone number and address. They also get commonly used passwords.

That's why I posted my joke. I do it everywhere I see these as friendly way to warn the community to think about how many of these they participate in, where and who posts them.

I didn't tell anyone not to have fun. Which makes why you decided to take a run more curious?

Anyway, just remember, you decided to go on the offensive from out of the blue there sunshine.

Happy Halloween

You're right about that. Personally, I just picked three things I liked lol. Has nothing to do with my actual phone number.

@Umbral, it wasn't. If it was...I would have directed it to you and not to her. Please don't tell me what I meant or implied. Ty and have a Happy Halloween.

@Umbral wow



It’s got one thing right.. I do love some sexy tunes


Pizza, music, sleep..


Music $1million Music. Living the rock and roll style lol


Travel, more travel and some pizza. Sounds about right, just as long as the pizza is gluten and fructan free.

jondspen Level 7 Oct 31, 2018

he last four of mine are 5000

TheDoubter Level 9 Oct 31, 2018

Should I use my landline or my cell number?

brentan Level 8 Oct 31, 2018

Would I not get two different results?

@Alvinsmama Sorry! I'll get on it right away!


Evidently I need a million to run all over the place to find love. Would all zeros make one a porn star?


I'll trade my pizza for someone's sex, or $1M. Or even 1/2 the pizza for 1/2 of $1M. Oh wait, I'll use my land line number and get everything I want. Keep your $1M and you can have the pizza gratis.


Music, travel, Love

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