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I have chosen to place this here to let others know that we do move forward. When I first became a widow just over nine years ago, I had nine of these hallmarks, the second year I had ten. I didn’t let anyone know the torment I was in. It was comforting to know this is the way out of my agony, except for one thing, one question, who was going to find me? That would be my brother, I could not do this to him, but I came very close. Nine years later, I have none of these hallmarks. For all who has had their beloved die, you will move forward.

MsHoliday 8 Oct 11
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I see six of these that I would use to describe myself since my longtime partner passed away last year

I am sorry you are going through this.


I have always felt that as long as you're alive, things might get better. Now that I'm on the Back Nine of life, I can imagine pulling my plug to agoid some nasty debilitating condition, besides Old Age, itself.

Yes, I hope that the few grey area’s in medical assist death will be fixed and in place for us when our time comes.


When my partner died 3 years ago, looking over the chart, I see I had 1 and still have 1. That one is the frequently talking about death. The reason being is that she got into the Death with Dignity program and I saw how valuable this was in helping to eliminate suffering. I am a big proponent in that and post/comment frequently on it. I also looked into the time of my own death and got involved in the Final Exit program.
My partner agreed that if (when) one of us died before the other we needed to look forward to our own life and let the past be (pleasant) memories. There can be life after death.

JackPedigo Level 9 Oct 11, 2019

Thank you for that information. Our government is heavily involved with medically assisted death because of our health care system.

@MsHoliday Canada adopted it, I believe, the summer of 2016. It was the same time that my partner died. Now we have 9 US states and a 10th one ready t get on board.

@JackPedigo We have, but you have to be able to answer the doctor when he asks you, do you still want to take the final step that will kill you, and you must be able to answer yes, in the final moments.- We had a woman end her life early because of that rule, she was afraid she was going to have a stoke because of her brain cancer and live her remaining time on life support. I don’t think that area has been addressed as yet.

@MsHoliday It's still new in a lot of places and there are always problems. Here, one has to have an attending physician sign a form and then 15 days later re-sign (to be sure the person is mentally aware and has not changed their mind. At that point a consulting physician must sign and the attending physician orders the medication. It was easy where we live but in parts of the state it is not so easy. The person can decide, even at the last minute whether they want to go ahead. My partner was psyched about taking control of her death but hours before the meds arrived she went into a coma and died hours later. I had the meds returned back into the system (I had already paid) in case someone else needed it and didn't have the money. I could write a small book on all the things that happened during this process.

@JackPedigo Thank you, for letting me know about your first hand knowledge.


So glad you're here and sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us!🤗


interesting. thanks for posting

TheDoubter Level 9 Oct 11, 2019
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