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Wow, I am grateful to find this group. I was widowed at 28 with a 5 year old son missed his Daddy so bad...he would ask me to bring him do explain that it isn't possible...that the momma you need to be omniscient, is not...when he finally accepted that his Daddy wasn't coming back...he switched to asking me to find him a new one....I couldn't even think about it. I was widowed for 10 years before I had a single date. I just couldn't. I attached a pic of my husband holding our son at the age of 3...and one of my son little baby...all 6'8" tall...growed up to be an amazing mathematcian.

Alchemy 6 May 25
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Thank you sll for your kind sentiments. Again, I am grateful to have found this group. I was consider young to be a widow @26. I found it so degrading and insulting, though I did my utmost to offer patience, to have divorced folks tell me they could relate. A husband dying in your arms, telling you that you are magic and transformed his life... did not feel at all like it should be compared to getting a divorce. And that was what I heard all the time..."I understand what yoy are going through, I just went through a divorce" Alrighty then...Having been through both at this point, I absolutely know its not. The magnitude of pain from losing a beloved husband was for me... 100 times worse than a matter how ugly the divorce was. Thank you all for your compassion and understanding...I would have responded much sooner but I am having sucha hard time with the site. I had an optic/cranial nerve infection and am functionally blind now, -2400, maneuvering the site gets more than a tad confusing

Alchemy Level 6 May 31, 2020

I find it hard to be single, and harder to move on.

Sofabeast Level 7 May 26, 2020

i lost my wife to ALS five years ago. no one new on the horizon. i think you always measure -- to a degree at least -- a potential new partner against the one you lost. you seem to be adjusting.

TheDoubter Level 9 May 26, 2020

Totally get that. very similar experience

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Posted by AlchemyWow, I am grateful to find this group.

Posted by AlchemyWow, I am grateful to find this group.

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