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Q. What is the very last thing to go through a bugs mind as crashes head first in to the windshield of car?
A. Its bum of course....LOL.

Triphid 9 May 4
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This fly kept his bum & body intact. The windscreen didn't fare too well though!

Yeah right M8, anyone who'd believe that pic to be real has to be a couple of loaves of bread short of a sandwich.

@Triphid I didn't actually say that the fly caused the hole & crack.the probability of the fly impacting stationary glass at that precise point is highly unlikely.

@FrayedBear Yeah, I realised that, I'v seen many a fly, etc, with its head stuck in the screen of a door.
The best I ever saw was 2 flies mating with their heads stuckin the screen door though, I suppose you could say they both went out with a 'bang,' LOL.


That's an oldie. Blaster Bates had a story of a competitor in the demolition business whose dynamite exploded in his wagon whilst driving. His head was found with his O ring wedged round his ears! Batesy at the time was carrying his explosives in his motorbike sidecar & side saddles.

Not quite as much a joke as you might think though.
Back in1980 I had a job with a local Firm driving trucks loaded with Nitro-Glycerine from Broken Hill to the Western Mining Lease up near Tibooburra, $300 per trip, with $300 extra as 'Danger Money, 3 trips per week all at night.
The trucks had refrigerated crates fitted and we were all told, " If the refrigeration unit stops working you've got about 5 minutes MAXIMUM to get clear before the shit hits the fan."
We used to travel in convoys of 3 trucks separated at 8 minute intervals, one trip, about 40kms from Broken Hill, and keeping one ear focused on the hum of the refrigeration unit, I heard it stop, aimed the truck off to the side of the dirt road, grabbed my smokes and my Thermos Flask, jumped out and ran like hels for the closest dry creek bed, ducked for cover just as the shit hit the fan.
Needless to say the truck disappeared in a cloud of dust, smoke and flames, I got pelted with bits of truck, rock and dirt as 24 vials of Nitro went up
The next day, when me and the two other trucks got back to the Depot, the Boss asked me , " Where the f**k is the truck?"
My reply was, " The truck is everywhere, all over the bloody paddock, but the good news is that the spare wheel and the steering wheel are still in one piece, thanks for asking, now pay me my $300 for the trip and my $300 in 'danger money' because I've just quit."
The last time I went past the spot, the Grazier had made use of the bloody huge where the truck went up and turned it into Dam to hold water for his sheep and had placed the engine block up on a mound of rocks as well, I suppose a kind of monument to the truck maybe.

@Triphid My laughter is for new dam & engine block. I take it that you were not last man in the convoy?
A lucky escape & that you found a creek bed.

@FrayedBear Nope, I was lead truck in the convoy the second truck saw the explosion, stopped as I crawled out from the creek and the first thing he asked was, " Shit mate, where's the truck?"
My ears were still ringing, in one hand I had the Thermos, my torch in the other and my smokes jammed down the front of my shirt.
We all stopped for a look on the way back and found the engine block, a 1972 Ford 6 Cyclinder Diesel, about 200 yards from where the truck and load blew up, the Steering wheel was in a Gum Tree about 11 feet from the ground and the spare wheel was on the far side of the road wedge tight betwwen two Acacia trees.
Never did find my hat though.



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