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A guy has lived a good but often times a life of hedonism, etc, then he dies and must enter the Reception Room between Heaven and Hell to get the decision as whether he go up or down for Eternity.
He's standing in line and notices the walls are covered in analog clocks with name plated bearing the name of every living Politician/ Political Leader in the world and every so often the hands of one or more clocks suddenly jumps backwards, then he notices the empty space bearing the name 'Donald Trump ' and it gets him wondering.
He reaches the desk and asks the Receptionist, " Hey, Has Donald Trump died already, I see his clock is gone and why do those clocks jump backwards every so often as well?"
The Receptionist replies quite candidly, " Well you Sir, Every time a Politician lies they lose one second of their life, that's why the clocks go backwards, and No, Trump hasn't dropped dead, the Air Conditioning in the Boss's Office has broken down and the Boss is using Trumps clock as a fan until we get someone to fix the Air Conditioner."

Triphid 8 May 8
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Yeah, cheesy, but fun.

yvilletom Level 7 May 9, 2020