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The Endless Failure of the Syrian War

Ten years after 9/11 the U.S. and Middle East allies weaponized jihadist groups in Syria, the result was an utter disaster. But don’t expect any self-reflection from the cheerleaders.


{Then following a year of impromptu Western warnings over use of chemical weapons the first documented incident took place in Ghouta near Damascus in August 2013, yet failed to trigger the widely expected U.S.-led military response because Western politicians balked at overt intervention.}

Largely also due to fear of the factual reporting that would eventually come out, exposing the fake news narratives being pushed on society. Which were only found within independent sources leaving many, still, unaware of the truths. This and the following.....

{By that stage the conflict had become a U.S.-led proxy war of intervention through covert operations organized by the C.I.A. out of Jordan and Turkey to funnel arms and international fighters into Syria under the codename Timber Sycamore.}

Group numbers of so called "international fighters" were given to be 28. More appropriate labels follow.

{Recreating the distribution of roles during the Afghanistan war against the Soviets in the 1980s, Saudi Arabia heavily funded the project to weaponize Islamic jihadist ideology against a regime branded as apostate and infidel in supportive Arab media.

Despite whatever safeguards were put in place, this opened the floodgates to some 50,000 foreign fighters entering Syria, some of them joining al-Qa’ida’s Nusra Front (considered by the State Department to be an ally) but most flowing towards the growing Islamic State group (aka ISIS) which in June 2014 declared its own state entity (“caliphate&rdquo😉 in territory straddling north Iraq and north Syria.}

{So chaotic had the failed American strategy become that at one point reports even emerged of different C.I.A. and Pentagon-funded jihadist groups turning on each other.}

In other words. Our tax dollars, possibly in the billions, went towards a manufactured war for Syrian oil and military complex benefits funding multiple terrorist groups to destabilize a nation immorally who each had their own agendas in the mean time. Most of all who were by some means correlated with our initial adversary of 9/11, al Qaida.

{For the Uyghurs of Xinjiang province in China the cost was even higher. Following an intensified campaign of bombings and suicide attacks by Turkistan Islamic Party separatists emboldened by Uyghur experience of the Syrian jihad, China launched a draconian campaign of mass internment in 2017 that is only now winding down.}

Yes, this would be the same people our media spent months deceptively voicing support for, for the sake of our presentation within a fasle narrative against China. Unfortunately, the writer of this article seemingly might be compliant to. Ignoring that the emphasis should be of China's agenda that was regional towards their Belt and Road Initiative within career minded training opportunities, higher living standards, to adjust to the incoming advancements. Leave it to our government, and media, who reject a people after destroying their society when they come, to demonizing China for providing a better means within much of the same scenario attempting to diminish the need for that people to rely on being exploited by capitalist agendas. These people are living in virtually 2 new cites that China spent billions building for them to be able to prosper in as this Initiative advances. Winding down might just be a measure of success?

{Yet for the Arab Gulf states the Syrian intervention was no more than a minor domestic inconvenience. ISIS launched a limited campaign in Saudi Arabia that was far easier for the government to handle than the Al-Qaeda insurgency that erupted following the U.S.-British invasion of Iraq, while Qatar — another key player in the proxy war — paid no domestic price at all, highlighting the continued ability of the petrodollar monarchs to engage in jihadist wars of no consequence.}

Things that make you ------- hmmmm

{The views expressed are solely those of the author and may or may not reflect those of Consortium News.}

I have to underscore that sentiment. I'll argue that if Robert Parry wrote an article to this nature on Syria that it would reflect some talking points as I injected in my comments. Along with a list of other journalist I use here. The highlighted sections above by me have been heavily covered in this group over the years in which were discoveries from multiple journalist from multiple sites which provided more clarity than our MSCM have ever provided.

William_Mary 8 Feb 9
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