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My Sunday morning tofu scramble. Not had an egg in 9 months. When I first tried this I was not so sure? Now I love it as much as any egg. It takes time to incorporate new food and thinking. Eggs seem barbaric to me now, it’s one thing if you need animal products to survive but since we don’t I won’t. I went vegan for health reasons and stay vegan for all the reasons. I’m much healthier in a myriad of waysπŸ™‚

ArdentAtheist 8 July 1
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Mmmm,this looks so good.

Tofuqueen Level 5 July 3, 2018

That looks really good! I feel inspired! Which brand of tofu do you find scrambles best?

I use the one on bogo when possible, I don’t remember what I used for this... the package has been tossedπŸ™‚


You're hired.

Mooolah Level 8 July 1, 2018

OK I'm ready to eat.

kenriley Level 8 July 1, 2018

Have you tried it adding other veggies? Maybe spinach, mushrooms, jalepenos, even tomatoes. I've used these with eggs and since I'm not thrilled about tofu, think I would want other things to help make the adjustment.

BeeHappy Level 9 July 1, 2018

Yes... always great to put leftoves in or whatever is handy. Today I hadn’t been shopping yet, so simpleπŸ™‚ I love adding spinachπŸ™‚

@ArdentAtheist, spinach is one of my basics. I add it or use it in everything from pizzas to smoothies! Lol


I am OCD where toast is concerned. The butter has to go all the way to the edges and melt. Other than that, breakfast looks yummy!

LOL you got OCD on toast. and butter.

@kenriley I know! When I was in England and got cold toast for breakfast I was not impressed. Cold toast is just nasty dry bread.

@HippieChick58 You know me I was just having a little fun. I want my toast warm and buttered all over too.


That looks nice. Is there fried onion in that too?

Yes... Onion, Tumerick, salt and pepper.


Do you use nutritional yeast?

Not usually in this but yes, make my vegan parmesan with it.

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