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Who else starts their day with a crossword puzzle to blow the cobwebs out of their mind over a cup of coffee?
This is one of the online sites that I go to each morning for my wake up routine.

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What a great idea! It takes me a couple of hours each morning to actuallly wake up.

I like the ones I can knock out in 10 minutes or less. Quick and dirty but it gets the brain juices flowing.


Coffee indeed definitely but instead of crossword puzzles it's a Princeton GRE prepation text. I'm studying for my shot at graduate school in my old days...?

Cafe o lat


I used to do the daily NYT crossword on my iPhone, but it started costing too much so I switched to paper and pencil version. Great fun!

I started doing The Times crossword but realised after two years I was too stupid. After all, about six questions answered each go should have told me long before but, we keep on, hoping it will get better don't we. πŸ™‚

@Geoffrey51 Yes, some of those puzzles just can’t be done by the likes of me, a person with no TV and little sports knowledge. Sometimes I can sleep on them and they’ll come together.


With all the non human critters that I live with, and since I absolutely hate coffee, I don't have the time in the morning, but, in the evening, I love to work crossword puzzles, and, I also love to watch Jeopardy. No coffee though. Ice water with lemon, or some delicious brewed, slightly sweetened iced tea is good though.

I love jeopardy!


Or Sudoku

@OroLee I find the NY Times puzzle to be a bit too cryptic for its own sake and I really don't need to know the name of every month in the Jewish calendar. One of my favourites is a crossword cube that is a mini crossword on each of the 6 sides with a theme puzzle answer running around each axis of the cube.

@OroLee I've never tried Sudoku, without a $ sign in front of the numbers I have never been much good with numbers. πŸ˜‰

@OroLee The crosswords in the NY Times are progressively harder each day.
Monday is like the laughable TV Guide thing. Sunday is a beast. One of those tabloids has a good one. Forget which one. You need to find the name of a celebrity.

@OroLee Can you toss this intrigued set of eyebrows an example of that?

@Surfpirate messed up earlier.. send a link to one of these puzzle cubes.

@BufftonBeotch It's the same link as the one I provided at the top, just click on word games and then Crossword3 for the cube crossword. It's pretty straightforward and you can usually eat it up in 3 to 5 minutes flat but it's great for waking up because of the spatial aspect, ditto for the main crossword which is a 5 to 8 minute romp.

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