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How do you keep picking yourself back up when it seems that the world, universe, human kind, or other factors are constantly knocking you down?

Akfishlady 8 June 14

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oh...this hurts...sorry @Akfishlady. it does feel overwhelming sometimes.


Asking myself that very question today and wondering why I bother getting back up at all.


Long walks in nature help. Also, remembering you have friends who care about you (even ones in England you've never met in real life). Perhaps write? You're a very intelligent person and your posts on here about the environment and pollution are always interesting - I'd definitely read your blog is you started one!

Jnei Level 8 June 14, 2018

A stiff drink, some weed, and some magic mushrooms. Works every time!

dang... I wish more doctors knew this.

@Akfishlady we are just trying to help. it is a skill.

@Akfishlady Well, if you need someone to converse with and unload, I'm a good listener.


Sometimes you just have to keep on keepin' on. I always remember there are people far worse off than I, and somehow they seem to struggle through. No matter how bad things seem at the time, it could be worse, much worse. I have so many things to be grateful for; more than some, less than others. I'm not rich, don't have many possessions, and I'm no Rock Hudson, or George Clooney, lookswise, but hey, I have enough $$ to live on, good health, family and friends and dogs. What more could a guy want?

I'm willing to bet you look as good as they do if you wore the same amount of makeup. You are NOT hard on the eyes.

@HippieChick58 thank you. Hmmm, makeup, huh? Nah. Maybe $10 or $15K worth of plasic surgery.


Sheer bloody-mindedness. I won't give them or it the satisfaction of having beaten down another human being. It takes a while sometimes, but I do get back up.


I think about how good the sun feels.


I have things that I’m working towards. If something happens I just change my plans but I don’t give up.


I just do it. The only thing keeping me down is me.


Sometimes with difficulty, sometimes easily. I have no explanation as why 1 is more difficult than the other. I heard this somewhere "Life is like a s#!t sandwich -- take a bit or starve".

xyz123 Level 7 June 14, 2018

I day screw the positivity side of it Getting up means you didn't get beaten and you're doing it all on your own, despite what they throw at you. You get to point and laugh and say "that's all you got? Better load up on carbs and try again, bitch."


Life is struggle, it's the moments that make it worth while. You never know which moments or when they come.


I won't let them win. The sweetest revenge is surviving, and flourishing, despite the set backs. Sometimes when I'm forced to reflect on the totality of the negative things I've endured, I think it's just so unfair. But then I remind myself that I am indeed a Bad Ass and laugh. Currently I'm eating all my feelings, but I'll bounce back.


Remember Shit Happens!

Coldo Level 8 June 14, 2018

Some days it is tough as hell, and today was one of those days. For me, I keep going cuz I want my kids to be proud of me, to set an example for them and for the grandbabies. After bit I'm going to go have a sweet alcoholic frozen drink that is in my freezer as an impulse purchase (I did not notice the 42 grams of sugar when I bought it!!! ) And I might have some other relaxing activities, wallow in my misery for a bit, and then hope I sleep good and get up and try again tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day, maybe a miracle will happen. Probably not, but maybe, hopefully it will be better than today. And hell, tomorrow is Friday, if it goes to hell like today did then at least I have the weekend to recoup.


Me, I learned a long time ago to love me and that at the end of the day people do care but I'm the only one that can have any true effect on my life. Where I wanna go what I wanna do and what I accomplish in life is based on my actions alone............hope I'm not getting to deep but I tried to overdose myself a long time ago. I wrote a letter for my mom apologizing for my decision, and gave. Her my bank info. Luckily I woke up the next morning, before anyone else and I threw the note away. That whole day at work I contemplated about why am I still here, and I realized why. Up until that point I wasn't living for me, most of my earnings went to help everyone else and I wasn't getting anywhere in life. I WASN'T living for me. That night it changed, I decided to live for me. From that point steadily my life has gotten better. My goals, my aspirations, and my past accomplishments keep me moving. My future keeps me going,.


Mix up the routine. All the things that give you short-term comfort are not helping you get back on top. They're keeping you sane, but you've got to avoid your comfort zone if you're going to get back on top. Move your home, change your job, ditch the bad bf/gf, volunteer at a shelter, join a group that does an activity you enjoy, find something new you can enjoy.

@Akfishlady Not to get too personal but you may want to try looking at your problems with a logical and maybe self critical viewpoint. The purpose isn't to come down on yourself, but you may want to start identifying root causes of your problems and see if you can address those. I work in operational support and I can tell you, coincidences are more rare than we think. There's probably a common denominator that you can work on, and by that I don't mean "you", I mean a relationship, an event in your past, or maybe a tendency that you have. If you do decide that something you're doing is the commonality, figure out how to work on it. It's very important in a process like this that you don't hate yourself for trying to make your situation better. It honestly doesn't even matter who's at fault while you're trying to improve. Work on the solution, not the problem.


I am in the process of a late in life complete change where I have sold, trashed, given away, donated everything I owned except four suite cases I will be taking with me for moving across country. I sold my house, made some hard decisions that were a long time coming. In this process, every possible obstacle and road block and delay that I could imagine is happening on the way to my dream.

I'm not giving up. I am fighting through every gauntlet that has been thrown down. I am moving forward. The alternative is not an option. I'm going for it and not looking back.

@Fanburger My dream is to live out the rest of my days in CA without my adult children sucking the life out of me. I think 40 years is enough to finally do something for me after taking care of them. My financial life will be easier where I am going. The past few years have been dealing with two of my heroin addicted adult children. And when they finally took everything I had I sold my home and I am taking my dog and I am moving across country to finally find some peace of mind.

@Fanburger Meaning?


Connections with people that care about you! 😉


I think we see the world from different perspectives.


This is a lesson that took me quite a while to learn because I've had to re-train my thought patterns to learn it, so I'm going against my intuition. Per my experience, figure out what is under your control to change and focus as much as possible on that. Also, remind yourself from time to time that it's OK to ask for help, and that you're not expected to manage everything perfectly.


I wrap my scrapes in duct tape and keep going.


We live in a universe where entropy rules, therefore we should always expect everything to fail, decay, and fall apart. Nothing can escape it for long.


I have told myself that I will pick myself up just once more that I have been knocked down. I am 70. It has worked so far.

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