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Does anyone else tent camp?

By GrandmomBJ4
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Yep, I do. I'm considering getting a rooftop tent for my truck.

dokala Level 7 Sep 15, 2018

Yes, I love it.

gsiamne Level 7 Sep 14, 2018

I collect frequent "camper" points at Westins.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Sep 14, 2018

Since I retired 6 years ago. I have travelled across the US and camped at many National Parks. I spent this weekend out of doors and will be doing a few more before the Summer is out;.


As often as I possibly can!


I LOVE tent camping! In the south, it's too hot at night in the summer for it, but... come fall...

Zster Level 8 June 17, 2018

Yes,but at campgrounds in say..large state parks in central Florida they have electricity. You cam easily take a window unit a,c. I did-!! Also thick blow up airmttresses,comfortors,smll fridge,t.v.,music,guitar.....ahhhh...Now thats camping-!!!

@J-MaisOui I've also used an A/C as well as a microwave


I tent camped alot till I got an R V I'm a glamper now.

Tompain1 Level 7 June 17, 2018

Yes, but this is what I use on kayaking/camping trips.

JimG Level 8 June 16, 2018

What you're looking at is a bedroll composed of a tarp and poncho liner. The tarp is a versatile shelter. It can be a lean to by itself, part of any number of primitive shelters, or in very warm and dry weather, just ground cover for sleeping under the stars. If you tie the poncho liner strings into the grommets of the tarp, it becomes a warm weather sleeping bag that will keep you reasonably dry.

I have used a jungle hammock in the past, and I intend to use one this year. My problem with them thus far has been been keeping a bottom layer of insulation in place. On a cold night, the bottom of a hammock is the same temperature as the air beneath it.


I swore after l got out of the Army l would never tent camp, and the two times l got talked into it were not good times. I have a great respect and love for indoor plumbing.

Sticks48 Level 9 June 16, 2018

I do!


We did this with our boys when they were younger. I loved it. My husband, however, is the kind of man that wears sandals in our shower at home. So, he did not enjoy it much.

I see your greyhound and am envious. We have had four whippets during our married life. As a matter of fact, we still have two of them, Eli (4) and Joey (14). We did start the adoption process for a greyhound and she came for a visit. Unfortunately, she had just come off the track. We had a white kitten who ran in front of her. You know how that ended!

Super dogs, aren't they? Yes, I know how that ended. Mine, too, was a racer from Daytona. I don't know why, but she doesn't chase anything. She doesn't even look at the squirrels and bunnies in our yard. She couldn't be my service dog if she was like that. Lucky for both of us smile001.gif.

Sounds as though you have one in a million.


Last time I tent camped I was less than 25 years old and in the Army, and we called it a field exercise. I loathed it, and I have not been in a tent since then. To me, Motel 6 is camping. I like AC, decent beds, locking doors, and no bugs.

Hate to tell you, Motel 6 has bugs.

@Donotbelieve Yeah, I haven't been to a Motel 6 in a very long time.


not lately, but considering it. will take small bed frame and mattress, however


Yes, I do a lot of it but not as much as I would like on my motorcycle. I pack a 4 man tent, chair, air mattress and a few other comfort items and try to stay in campgrounds with power and water in their tent sites.

@Anniemae That sounds perfect!

My mini van is fairly well packed, although I always leave a spot for us to sleep in case the weather is too crazy for the tent to remain intact.


I solo hike and camp on the trail several times each year. I'm heading out for a 4 day hike on Thursday, the Summer Solstice. It's such a great escape in the wilderness and solitude.


It's always a tent or the stars for me.

Holysocks Level 7 June 16, 2018

When I lived in the US (I moved to Thailand n 2010) I used to camp year around in a screen tent out by the horse pasture on our family farm, to keep track of meteor showers and night bird movements. I also saw plenty of wildlife drama as well.

Most of the time I camped in a tent when I traveled, usually at a KOA-for their hot showers- or national park campground.

birdingnut Level 8 June 16, 2018

And I'm an old geezer so I get to camp at national parks half price.

@GrandmomBJ I'm 65 yrs old so I suppose I can now also. I've been in Thailand since 2010.


I love tent camping. I go at least a few times each year.

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