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What are you obsessed with?

By Redcupcoffee7
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This site.

CaroleKay Level 8 June 18, 2018


Me too!

Count me in!!


Music, writing, biking, coffee. Not necessarily in that order.

@Beach_slim You don't know how seriously I take these things, but thanks for stopping by to judge.

@Beach_slim There are lots of things listed here that could be considered hobbies, but you've singled my comment out, without knowing the first thing about me. What's your problem?

@Beach_slim That is the definition of singled out.


Sleep, homemade strawberry jam, my partner, and my cat

Did you make that strawberry jam?

@Redcupcoffee my mother did

@Donotbelieve Bummer, I was hoping to snag a good recipe!

@Redcupcoffee I can relay her recipe to you. It's delicious.

@Donotbelieve I would love that!!! Thank you dear.

@Redcupcoffee I'll get next time I speak to her.



have ALWAYS wanted to learn that! Like forever!



Marcie1974 Level 8 June 18, 2018

I initially read that as "Yam" and was confused why you added a picture of bundles of yarn. haha

@joeymf86 it does look like yam! Lol

How about spinning a good yarn as well? Your audience awaits.......


I’m Type 1 diabetic, so my blood sugar. Animals and their well being. Tina Fey. I want to be her.

Sydland Level 7 June 18, 2018

What do you like about Tina Fey?

@Redcupcoffee Her humor, breaking barriers for women, and her glasses of course.

@Redcupcoffee What's not to like? She manages to be talented in acting, directing, writing, comedy, and is also beautiful.



I just can't get enough. I even do it when I'm sleeping. I think I may have a problem.

joeymf86 Level 7 June 18, 2018

Fer sure you will if you succeed in stopping.


Justice,, fabric stores, yarn, kitties, grandbabies, surviving, my sleep or lack thereof.


Scuba diving. I'm currently on an excursion where I drove 6 hours, spent $700 on a boat ride for 4 days, $600 on breathing gasses, $500 on a shitty roadside motel, just to look at 4 shipwrecks for 20 minutes each... And I don't regret a thing!

ScubaWags Level 6 June 18, 2018

Right on! Sound s like you’re creating great memories.



Making this President a less than one term Commander in Cheat.

Mooolah Level 8 June 18, 2018

Yes, me too. I am horrified.


D&D, comic books, superheros, movies, food

SeanNock Level 5 June 18, 2018

Justice. Music, film, art. Singing. Making art, giving away art. Giving. Getting my life together, before I die. Righting wrongs. That kind of stuff. smile001.gif

CM1965 Level 7 June 18, 2018

What kind of art are you making? I’d love to see some of it.


Capturing bliss

How do you do that?

@Redcupcoffee I don't usually...But a connection between minds ...delving into mutual desires ... Though other than that ,working hard on a song and getting it done well ,is almost as good ,and especially is nice getting into a zone when improvising music...


well for me that is easy. racing, driving, watching sports car racing. cannot say racecar enough. high speed driving lol




Duplicate bridge, live jazz, an ex girl friend.

JanGarber Level 7 June 18, 2018

Anything "new" that attracts my interest. Once I have mastered it, my obsession dwindles and I need to find a new interest. .

Petter Level 8 June 18, 2018

Hate to be loose about it, but it depends on my mood: could be my hobby work, dancing, or even a wild lady friend.

Plopcheck Level 3 June 18, 2018

I think I'm becoming obsessed with this fucking site! ?

Sticks48 Level 9 June 18, 2018

I love true crime. LOVE IT. I am currently binge listening to a podcast called The Vanished Podcast. Great one!

tsacrey Level 6 June 18, 2018

I'm a fan, as well.

@Donotbelieve what are your fave shows/podcasts/docs?

@tsacrey I mostly read.


Obsessed is a strong word...not sure I'm obsessed with anything.
However..I do really like beautiful things..people, minds, art, literature, wine, good company, animals..nature, the female form..all the good, maybe passionate and enthusiastic yes.

Hitchens Level 8 June 18, 2018

Tom Hiddleston

Comic book superheroes, watching those cooking videos on facebook even though I'll never actually make any of those recipes. Museums, history, the making of movies,


Lately? Old fashioned popcorn made on the stove, topped with salt, butter substitute, and nutritional yeast.

AzVixen52 Level 7 June 18, 2018

I keep wanting to try nutrition yeast, will you post a picture of the kind of brand you use. I have no idea what it looks like.

@Redcupcoffee The only kind I've seen is the Bragg brand...….plastic bottle with a yellow cap. It looks like yellow flakes.....almost (dare I say) like fish food! I buy mine at Sprouts, or even the grocery store. You can order it from Amazon too. smile009.gif

@AzVixen52 What does it really taste like? Yes, I'd love to try it.


I have to wait until they decide to do it. I want a grandchild! But is not up to me. I haven't reach to the point of threating to become a father again. But they know I am capable, so they better putout. But I do have a grandnephew born on my birthday and the child's father my nephew was nicknamed after my nickname. His first birthday coming up. Ice Cream and Tequila Pool Party!


Music. Progressive Rock in particular. I also enjoy playing guitar and keyboard.

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