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How many languages do you speak? List them in the comments.

skotmorrison 4 June 22

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Englsih french and spanish. i have to say that americans' stubborn monolinguism costs us big time as a society. it helps those who want to keep us ignorant.



Fluently? Zero. English is becoming a second language lately lol

Conversationally? Japanese french spanish elvish klingon

Can understand but not speak? German and swedish


English and bad Spanish.


English, So'ole, Lakota, Klingon, Latin, remidial Spanish, a bit of German, and a bit of Japanese, in order from most to least fluency

You speak fluent Klingon?

@Ellatynemouth not fluent, but stunted conversational, yes.


I am impressed.


Iway eakspay igpay atinlay.


Just English... yeah, I'm an American...


My native languages; Kikuyu and Kisii
A bit of French

Habari Gani? I lived in Uganda for 7 years.

@skotmorrison niko mzuri sana. You know Ugandans are not swahili speakers. I mostly speak with my Ugandan friends in English. They know very little swahili.


Just English and German.


Languages, beautiful thing. Best investment ever, until Alzheimer comes over to steal it all....


I grew up in Haiti on an American mission. All my friends spoke Creole and French, and other friends from the Dominican Republic spoke Spanish, then I moved to Thailand in 2010, so I now speak English, Creole, French, Spanish, Thai, and some Japanese.


American version of poor English
Southern American English
Reads French nouns
Reads Spanish menus
Can say flying frozen snot in swedish
Can say hello in polish

Pretty impressive eh?


Just English, took Spanish in high school do not remember.


I speak American English and Pittsburghese ( a dialect unique to Pittsburgh and it's surrounds ).


I know a little bit of English. I know enough German words to make an ass out of myself.


English, Sarcasm and Profanity....and not necessarily in that order.

And the truly sad part is that my father was Italian and my mother German (war bride) - so as a child growing up, only English was allowed to be spoken at home because my mom was very self conscious of her accent and was determined to sound "American" and more importantly, she didn't want me to not sound like all the other kids at school. Personally, I wish they would have spoken all three languages at home - so that I could have been fluent in all three instead of just knowing a handful of words and phrases in German and all the dirty words in Italian. 😉


I can count in German and Tagalog and backwoods yokel 1 pick up truck 2 pick up truck 3 pick up truck etc.. Never got other language skill down. I do know words of lots of different languages from my travels.

azzow2 Level 9 June 22, 2018

english, redneck, bad english, and sign language, lol a little spanish and italian, even less french.


two german english

Marine Level 8 June 22, 2018

Just one, and it's English. I enjoy it a lot.


English, Espanol, some Turkish and some Japanese...I can read Latin since it is not a spoken language anymore (ha ha except in Catholic Churches!)

Not even in Catholic Churches... the mass held in Latin was abandoned after the second Vatican Council - if I am not mistaken

@Matias Depends on the church, I guess...I haven't been to high mass in decades, but I have heard certain things still done in latin...In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti


I struggle to speak one. I'm able to listen enough to understand maybe 3 others.


I used to get by, fairly basically in Norwegian. It's gone now.

I came to the conclusion that I have no interest in learning languages if I don't need to use them in daily life. Everyone speaks English.

You spoke viking and gave it up?


Not fluently. Enough to chat with Norwegians when I encountered them. (The used to visit the town I live in). One woman said to me "You're really English!?". That was a thrill.

Now I'm focusing on improving my English instead.

@Ellatynemouth my swedish friends speak better English than I do. It's so humbling.


One, and not very well. I have discovered l type better than l speak.


I speak two languages; american and southern


Fluent in English and Spanish. Conversational in Norwegian (better at reading and writing than speaking). Really want to learn more languages some day. Maybe French, Japanese, Swedish or Danish.

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