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I forgot to put my windshield sun shade in place today. It's very hard to drive when you cannot touch the steering wheel.

Stacey48 8 June 28

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Careful, or you'll hear a sizzling sound when you touch the metal on the seat belt.


Beware of melting dashboards and tires

@Stacey48 im not surprised in that type of constant heat


Feel lucky! Did you see the news item last week were the mother went to add water to her baby’s pool with a hose that was laying in the sun for a couple of hours? Baby had second degree burns all over its body. []


I have had to drive with my fingernails a couple of times the last couple of days. I remember to put the sun shade over the steering wheel now!!


I would recommend going to the sporting goods store, and buying racket ball gloves for both hands and keeping them int eh "glove box". Granted in the heat you won't want o wear gloves, but it beats trying to drive with a super hot steering wheel.


Just let Jesus take the wheel.


Out here it's Alice cooper


Now you know why your parents/grand parents whore driving gloves???

Those gloves must have really "gotten around."
Whore gloves sound like a bad heirloom.

@Donotbelieve I ride a Harley and yes in the summer I wear soft kid skin riding gloves that keep me from leaving skin on the handle bars!

@bandit321 Whore gloves?

@bandit321 []

@Donotbelieve Call it like it is? Whores do like too with them?

@bandit321 ?


I lived in Glendale AZ in the early 90's about a year and half. Had coins on the dash of the car, and grab them one time, Burned the crap out of my hand.

@Stacey48 Almost LOL. the bad thing was i had this pain going on and it took a few seconds to realize my hand was burning, then I threw the coins down, cussed.

That's even worse than picking 10 degree frozen quarters, covered with snow, up with your bare hand!! At least they didn't leave blisters!


I drove through Arizona many many years ago, to bring my daughters to Disney. We stopped in Tempe to spend the night. I will always remember both my girls red red red cheeks like tiny apples, as we were walking off the vehicle in the hotel parking lot.... It was hotter than hell and they were so happy..... And then, not sure which little town was it, we stopped for gas and the local signature was a concrete column in a roundabout with numbers and lamps to proudly display the temperature of the hottest temperature in the whole country. Cannot remember the name but the temp sure enough it was well above 100


Some take a long time to learn !   Lol


Bet you will never do that again. 😉 lol. I spent 3 years in Tempe. My son was born at Desert Sam. It was mighty hot 25 years ago. I think it's hotter now...? I don't envy you the heat especially in summer.

@Stacey48 I want to say don't beat yourself up over one event BUT weather is so extreme in AZ that one slip up can mean bad consequences. Take care of yourself. YOU are special people Hugs!


Driving gloves? Not that I've ever used them, just an idea. ☺️
I lived in the Avondale/Goodyear area for 2 years.
I know what you mean....

Agamic Level 6 June 28, 2018

Get out while you still can! ??

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