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Pessimist: A man who thinks that all women are bad.
Optimist: A man who hopes they are.

Duke 8 June 29

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they are not ????


I specialized in bad girls. When I say this it seems like I am categorizing them negativity, I am not. I just cannot divine a term to describe them better and in such a way to relate this description to others. Some women have the ability to exude sexuality in such a manner to drive all reason from a male. I admire this talent. It has also been the bane of my existence.


I've always said my ex either thought I was stupid or hoped I was.

Daphne Level 4 June 29, 2018

Women are not bad. They love sex.


All women have lost hope in me it seems.


LOL. I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

Jessica is that you?

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