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I noticed that the cover on my ironing board is wrinkled. That’s just weird.

Duke 8 June 30

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I think I gave mine away. At least I haven’t seen it in a long time. ?


""These transitions happen in less than a moment. I am sure they are the result of transition to an alternative timeline.

Start saving notes: physical and web. These will be your only true clue when you return to any previously visited 'here and now.'

And when ready, send me a private message to learn of other precautions, and preparations.""


I don't have an iron.


Well in it's defense, you do have to iron something every now and then... 🙂


Well, iron it!!


I am impressed that you have an ironing board.

"impressed" ... that was cute 🙂

@jujuofthesea LOL!! I tell ya I don't know where this stuff comes from.

@Duke You made me do it!! It was like the perfect set up.


Ha! Haven't seen my ironing board for years....



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