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Nothing In The World is More Dangerous Than Sincere Ignorance.....Martin Luther King

sassygirl3869 9 July 1

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Oh, there's a lot of that around.


And they straddle both sides of the political spectrum. We (myself included) are ignorant about a lot of things. However, some are willing to admit that and be open for information that may be uncomfortable. Critical thinking is not about looking critically at others but oneself.


Dr. King was an intelligent man, he did what he could to get to a position where he would be heard and listened to. It is too bad that the right has taken him to be one of theirs. Tells us how far they will go to corrupt society. This is what happens when people of means forget what actually makes their for them.


What is always a mystery to me is nonbelievers rever this religious guy not as if I don't think it is cool what he helped accomplish. On the converse, I would not trust a religious nut farther than I could throw them.

Religion is really what one makes of it. It can be anything from a loose assortment of philosophically based values to an intense, magical-thinking rulebook threayening punishment ay every turn. Idon't buy into the mumbo jumbo magical thinking, but I also can't get angry with someone who uses their personal belief system to do good. Kong's impact was far beyond any religious missionary quest.


This post should be mandatory reading for FOX News fried brains


Amen and AMEN!

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