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Did you have imaginary friends as a kid?

I grew up without a tv and pretty much nobody to play with so I had 4 imaginary friends and a herd of 6 inch tall purple cows. My friends were Conky, Janesy, Versee and Dave Gard. The cows didn't have names.

And get this, I'm 61 and my mother is STILL bitching about those cows!! LOL

sewchick57 7 July 1

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Never had an imaginary friend.


My sister and I even created a language with our imaginary friends. We shared them as siblings. We still call each other by our names given to us by these imaginary friends. I think we first created them when we were living in Roswell, NM back in the early 1960's.


I had an imaginary horse until my father leased me one.


I STILL have imaginary friends !


I never did.

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