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What is the most exotic or strange food you've eaten? I ate jellyfish at a Vietnamese wedding. It was marinaded in something sweet because I can't imagine it having flavor (like tofu) on it's own

Boogey 8 July 3

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Growing up in Haiti, we had often scrambled cow brains for breakfast, and boiled cow tongue was my favorite sandwich meat for school lunches..tastes like squid-or ostrich.


I had puppy tacos on the beach with the Seri Indians in Sonora, Mex. in 1977.I had fried grasshoppers in chili sauce with Mexican migrant students in Pueblo, CO


Canned rattlesnake. Maybe fresh and grilled, it would have been palatable. Sea cucumber isn’t exotic but was strange to me. Served whole on a plate, it was like eating semi-firm slime.

UUNJ Level 8 July 3, 2018

We used to grill rattlesnake on the campfire when they wandered into our camp when we were doing archaeology. We grilled them until they were brittle, then ate them bones and all.

@t1nick Quite resourceful!


Pickled Devil's Claws. My aunt made them and they were seriously good. The oddest thing I've ever cooked is probably the cactus apple jelly. It was really good but it was a serious pain to make. I've cooked lots of different birds and fish. My first husband hunted and fished. I had a rule, if it looks like it could have come from a grocery store, I'll cook it. What ever he killed appeared in my kitchen ready to cook.

In case you're wondering what the hell a Devil's Claw is. This is what they look like in the fall. To make pickles you pick them in the spring while they're still green and cut the claw off.


I have eaten Dulse. This is a type of seaweed that grows on the north coast of Northern Ireland. It is dried and sold in some of the shops around Ballycastle and the Giant’s Causeway. It tastes a bit like pork scratchings (an English snack food made from roasted pork fat).


I'm fairly certain that I've eaten either possum or some such mid-sized mammal.
It was definitely against my will. My family are from the mountains. We were very poor and my father is a hunter/trapper.


I was served tongue in Leningrad. Not just tongue, but A tongue, sitting there on the plate. The whole thing. I'm game when I travel, so what the heck. It was almost like chewing your own tongue. Pass the Vodka please.....


Ate at an Italian restaurant in California,ordered calamari,and was surprised when they brought out the squid on a bed of noodles,what was concerning was the small heads I had to crunch,and swallow.


Rattlesnake and alligator. In the mid 80's I hosted a party for the Denver Chamber of Commerce, where the business theme was, "It's a jungle out there". I had all kinds of exotic meats and a tiger and leopard in cages for the display.

I found the rattlesnake to be a bit chewy but otherwise delicious and the alligator had a musky quality about it to my taste buds. How did you find them?

@Surfpirate I found them both nasty. I'm not much of a meat eater, and I just ate the tiniest bit at the time just so I could say I've eaten them. That was a long time ago. I probably wouldn't do the same thing now. The wildest thing at this affair though, was that the tiger flipped out like crazy because the wall behind his cage was mirrored and he thought there was another tiger in his cage. Now THAT was an experience we weren't prepared for!

I had alligator fritters in New Orleans. Not to my taste.


Balut in my early 20`s quite a many beers in me. I was in the Philippines.

@Boogey It defiantly needs something to encourage you to do it.


Probably a toss up between guinea pig (Cuey), Agouti (a swamp rat), Iguana and Python.

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