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Have you ever woken up to the nastiest kitchen in three counties and wondered how it got that way, knowing you just cleaned it 2 days ago?

By Ride_Captain7
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I have children. I clean daily and the house gets destroyed daily


ALL the time


No. The only time I'd ever get up to a dirty kitchen is if I was on a 3 day jam binge or the day after Thanksgiving. And my back told me exactly how it got in that condition!


So you have kids

thats the dang truth right there!


Only when my daughter was a teenager. Habitually, I clean up the kitchen before going to bed. I hate walking into a messy kitchen in the morning.

As a teenager, Claire rolled in at midnight. Cooking a midnight snack, she left a hideous mess in the kitchen. Dirty dishes and pans with dried food stuck to them. Nothing rinsed. Food spills on the floor, table, stove and counter tops. Then Claire slept until noon.

In the morning, I walked into the kitchen to make coffee. Bam! Instant irritation.

"Everyone knows you are OCD, Mom," Claire replied when I complained.

This infuriated me. Claire was blaming me for being too fussy, instead of taking responsibility for her behavior. Grrrr....

Miraculously, at age 28, Claire is neat and clean. What cured my messy daughter? She got a puppy at 19. Cocoa chewed her boots and shoes, and got into everything. Thank you, Cocoa!


I don't dare put any used dish down here in Thailand or it will be covered with ants when I next look at it. I put all my dishes as I use them in a pan of soapy dishwater until I'm ready to wash them all.

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Not me....but I have heard of 'sleep walking'....maybe you are 'sleep cooking'...hahaha

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