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I as a retired older gentleman, I see fun and sarcasm in everything ! I am sarcastic and make fun remarks towards all, be they women, other races, cultures or politics, etc,etc.
It always amazes me how the younger generation of all persuasions take offence and whine and run to the report me button.The older generation seem to take it in their stride. and either ignore, block or jibe back. Those that know me, know that if I have made an offensive remark and they point it out, I will apologise if I deem it an acceptable and legit response.

My question is, why can't all have the same attitude ?

VAL3941 8 July 4

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There is always the option to scroll past...not everything has to have a comment. I pick my battles.

Thank you, why do others not do the same is the point I am trying to make ?

@VAL3941 My guess is that they either feel they have to be the moral conscious of everybody, but ironically, I think they elevate themselves to the same level of moral superiority that I find abhorrent in the religious right...same sentiment, different sides of the coin...or, they just like to stir the pot...shit stirrers, my dad calls them...but you also can scroll past their comments and perhaps read what you post before you do it to make sure it is truly sarcasm and not racism, sexism, etc. If one person calls you an idiot, you can ignore it and assume it is something in that person....if many people call you an idiot, you need to look at yourself and see if it applies. Just my observation.

Many people can be wrong too ? If they have been brought up in the same culture !

@VAL3941 no matter how we analyze it we'll never know exactly what is going on in someone's mind. There are just too many factors that influence this. But I think @thinktwice is right and that these reactionary type should be just scrolling by and letting other people have their say. But I think a certain level of control comes into it also. They can't just let it go. They would feel out of control. That's just sad!

@VAL3941 Sure...but since this site is mostly of aware and politically progressive people of all countries, races, etc. the odds of that are against it...but you believe what you want to in order to justify whatever it is you need...if you want to maintain that you are "an older retired gentleman" and plug yourself into that narrow box that automatically defines you to many, (perhaps unfairly), then fine...but if you are here to learn and to perhaps adapt some of your views, it can't hurt to at least give merit to some of the replies you get...You get to pick, not me or anyone else...but you asked a question which I assume was genuine as is my response

I actually feel sorry for them !

The majority are from the USA. Brits, Australians and SaAfricans have a similar sense of humour. So I think my statement is broadly correct ?


The older generation was exposed to Mel Brook's 'Blazing Saddles'. Having perused the comments I see you started quite a shit storm. LOL

We are ALL never going to have the same attitude be cause we are a diverse species. That's why there are guns. ya can just shoot the ones that piss ya off. LOL

That was my intention. Seems I am succeeding ? LOL

A sensible solution! I like it! ?


From my perspective it is the pampered parenting that took place during my daughters generation. I cannot even begin to tell you how many parents defended their children even when the child was wrong but expected all the other kids to be held accountable. When I was a kid the worst thing we could do was "tattle" so we worked things out for ourselves but these young adults were treated like royalty as children. No chores, no set guidelines, no fear of consequences has made them selfish and weak.
When my daughter was in first grade I heard her friend to "Throw a temper tantrum, it works for me." after I told her no. My daughter responded "If I do that you will be sent home and I will be grounded to my room for the night." They conditioned their children to think only of themselves and do whatever it takes to get their own way. We went from parents being too strict and punitive, never allowing the children a voice to a world in which the child rules the home on a whim. We must find balance because it sucks to be attacked or reported simply because one person felt offended. I have only reported one person and that was because he called me a cunt. I have blocked 9 people though simply because I do not like their way of thinking or speaking but that is no reason to report them.
Personally I have never been offended by you and have enjoyed a few sarcastic exchanges. I find you to be a breath of fresh air and always wonder what you will post next. Damn the critics.

Confucius say "Do whatever you feel is right in your heart because you will be criticized anyway."

Thank you for this comment and I think you have a very valid point. I also think there are many who will be afraid to comment on this post because they will be taken to task for being guilty of this. I posted it to bring the crap of some people out into the open.

@VAL3941 I am grateful you do call people out on their self centered focus and hopefully those guilty will learn to walk away (block) next time they are "offended" because their opinion is not as important as they think it is and their behavior is childish and destructive. There are many other options that allow both parties to carry on without the damn drama.

What are your thoughts on ProudMary's response. Can't say I disagree with her ?

@VAL3941 I agree there are people of all ages that get easily offended. The difference (in my opinion) is in how it gets handled. Older people do not run for help (report) we bitch and block. We fight our own battles??? But it is my age group that raised children to run for help (get the other kid punished) and they suffer from what is termed: Learned Helplessness.

Damn, we are bringing up a bunch of WIMPS ,

As a mother of 4 I saw the same thing
Ugh....little bastards

@Freespirit64 Very frustrating to say the least.


I feel very fortunate to have had a bit if an English / Scottish upbringing. One of the benefits is that it is difficult to effectively insult me. Either what you say is true, in which case I can not deny it; or it is false, in which case you are the dumbass and have insulted yourself. In either case, a witty response may be forthcoming.

Why can't others take that attitude too ?

@VAL3941 Don't know. It seems very basic to me.

Maybe you should try the new offenders group ?


I am an older woman and have been serving sarcasm my whole life. It seems to gotten refined in the last 20 years.

And not understood by many !


Old people should be shot at birth

Salo Level 7 July 4, 2018

Where would you be then ?? " Oh blessed me " !

Lol.. Did their mother have any kids that lived?


Truth is, a lot of shit is true and funny when you think about it.

Absolutely ? LOL


I don’t think it’s realistic to expect all to have the same attitude as you but so far I haven’t seen anything you posted or commented as “crossing the line” and worth reporting. Some people are a little too sensitive and a little too trigger happy with the report/flag button. I think you make light of things rather than make fun of things. Some of your comments may be off colour but how offensive I guess that’s subjective.

Younger generation? There’s a younger generation here? I barely notice.

Thank you, there are exceptions to every rule !


I'm there with you brother. ☺

Thank you, I need the support !

@VAL3941 Heck you started a movement man!!! 💡


Here's a goodie from the Bible:

“The insight of a man certainly slows down his anger, and it is beauty on his part to overlook an offense.” (Proverbs 19:11)

Well, even a stopped clock is correct twice a day (once if it's a 24-hour clock, I guess).

Thank you.


Don't complain, don't explain... just be!

No complaints from me, just an opinion I posted that is getting a lot of peoples back up.


My grandmother once told me that as people age they earn the right to be cynical. I now interpret that as them becoming enlightened. The aches and pains we suffer from aging are enough to make many people crabby and mean. There are too many sensitive personalities out here to watch for. The older I get the less I care. I take everything with a grain of salt and promote smiling everyday. People need to do the same and if they don't like something that someone says the can move on or get over it. You're cool with me Val. We've had our run in.
No one should be in control of your freedom but you. Continue what you do.

Thank you, that means a lot to me !


How think all would be well if we were ALL YOU? I too am a senior and I find many "sarcastic" remarks about women and other groups offensive. I find your post here offensive. Considering the angry, divisive, racist, hateful environment we live in right now...sensitivity not sarcasm and ignorance is in order and I will always call someone out that offends anyone...I won't just block and ignore.

Xena Level 6 July 4, 2018

I would welcond that bug the question is are you going to run to the report button every time YOU are offended ?


I would have to have an example of the comments before I can concretely determine one way or another.
Here's a blanket thought
You're not a minority and your comments may be viewed as speaking from a place of privilege.

Me ! Priviledged ? How do you work that one out ?

Yes, rightly or wrongly and in all cases why is it necessary to hit the report button ?

@VAL3941 Why are you jumping to conclusions?
Maybe that's the problem. I said I couldn't determine one way or another without an example.
I presented a way some people may view your responses.

Your last sentence in your previous comment says it all ?

@Iamkratom, @fathercat
The rules oft times are misinterrupreted !

Not at all, just stating a fact ?


"I as a retired older gentleman". So that is why I am that I am. And I imagined there was something wrong with me. I am relieved.

You are what you want to be ! LOL

@VAL3941 I agree up to a point.

Which is your right !

@VAL3941 Opinions are what rules the world. Flimsy though they may be.

Thank you, and this post was purely my opinion ! So why are others getting so hot under the collar ?

@VAL3941 Just ignore.

Oh I will, I assure you !


Wanna really be offended? Join this group:

Cool ! I like it ?

@VAL3941 Well screw ya if ya don't! 😉

@VAL3941 There's always safety in numbers...

Like a school of sardines ? I don't like to smell fishy !


Evil, boring old farts who should be put down have every right to insult others. However, they also have a degree of responsibility towards those who are in a less favoured position. The world needs more of the opinionated debater, but we need them to be aware of the potential of sliding into bigotry.

Ayup, lad


Exactly little guy, without humor it'll be just boring. Everyone is sarcastic and cracks jokes, but you gotta know when and where. People just gotta stop being so sensitive.

Qiru Level 6 July 4, 2018

Thank you, now maybe I will join you in some of that quality weed of yours ? Or not. LOL

@VAL3941 you are not ready for this California kush lol?

Damn right I am not !

@VAL3941 lol

Go well brother !


Not everyone takes life as the joke we see it as. I pity them, but won't stop being me.

My point exactly. Thank you.


I call this reaction drama.

Yes, but it has negative reactions for others ?

@VAL3941 I think some people are gossipy and dramatic by Nature. So they react in that same sort of way! Not just to sarcasm either. If you say, "hey I got a new car!" They will respond, "I wonder why? Do they need something new and shiny to feel good about themselves?"

I see your point ! But why do they have to run for the report button ?

@ProudMary I was married to one for 12 years. I am an expert!


I think younger people tend to be less oblivious and more polite, while old white men are spoiled brats who take their privileges for granted, stepping on other people's toes with a false sense of impunity. When they get called out for it, they whine like little babies and blame other people for their own shortcomings, because they cannot handle any accountability - again, because they are too spoiled and soft. But you know, that's just my impression.

Good for you ! Your head is on backwards ?

@VAL3941 Nah. But it could look that way from inside a rectum.

So is that where your head is and in backwards ? Lol

@VAL3941 Well no, but it seems that the skewed view from your end seems to come from within your own.

Thats your point if view, my experience is different from yours, so lets just leave it at that !

@VAL3941 Aww. Where's the attitude of fun and sarcasm? Can dish it out but not take it?

Join our group if you want attitude ?

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