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I live in a pretty blue state and I can say is am happy about that.
Yesterday hearing about the Supreme Court nominees and how money in politics has been changing our first amendment and soon free speech will be what the Koch Brothers, evangelicals or whomever has the run on our courts will be the ones making their voices heard.
This new nominee will undoubtedly decide on the side of business and churches and will be taking away rights we now enjoy. They have already said Roe V Wade and the voting rights act will be challenged first.
I cried and thought this is the end of the United States as we know it.
Then read a post here by someone who was considering leaving and moving to Canada or the EU. I sometimes think I could do that. Esp yesterday.
But I think it is best if we take back our freedoms and resist.
Where do you stand.
Please be respectful in your response.

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Akfishlady 8 July 7

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I also think staying to be a catslyst for change in whatever way I can is important. I am going to get a passport. Mine expired decades ago. I am also optimistic about so many young women winning primaries gives me hope and I don't want to leave this mess for my kids and graddaughter who is 2, to have to do it alone


Countries can change. Canada could change. It's best to fight. You won't be alone.


I've left this country; moved back; and would definitely move away again. I'm not very patriotic and possibly a little opportunistic. If living conditions become unbearable here I will find another place.


Rebellion is what I desire but would be very difficult if not impossible to happen


I’ve thought about moving. My four kids being here kinda rules that out. I looked at New Zealand - they have a specialized skill immigration program. But with kids here it is hard to do.

Ohub Level 7 July 7, 2018

The current thought is an Agnostic Commune in New Zealand... just so you know.... 😉

@RavenCT I’m in !!


I’ve thought about moving. My four kids being here kinda rules that out. I looked at New Zealand - they have a specialized skill immigration program. But with kids here it is hard to do.

Ohub Level 7 July 7, 2018

Stay and fight.


Try not to let the idiocy get you down and continue to be polite. While still fighting.
Have a good laugh over Balloon Trump. (I love the UK).

I'm also very happy to be in a Blue State. Bad enough that I know people who still support 45. Ok my BIL's brother... does that count? lol And a few military folks. Might be something in the food they feed them? (Or simply what they feed them. It would be hard to lay your life on the line for your country when you don't believe in it.).

I fantasize about moving - but don't think I'd ever do it. It's still my country for good or for bad.


I've already been exploited by the system as it is and has been. With the election of the current administration, I have little hope it will get better any time soon.

Unfortunately, the systems that are definitely better are very reserved about whether they would like to have me live there.

That leaves systems that are emerging. Some seem to have hope and optimism about what they could become. Again, I have already been exploited, there is little of me left. But if I can choose a system that has hope and optimism and could find a way to guide and/or contribute ... that would seem a good backup option.

I'm still looking .....


If we can't vote them out there will be a revolution and I will fight for civil rights for all.

@Reelax99 What makes you think that?

@Reelax99 lol, that is not true. I live in a bible belt, red state, close to two Mormon temple and church. There are women, and men in my neighborhood and around who have called me a guy, or I work like a guy. This is something been said in HOA/POA meeting, marketing gatherings, COP trainings etc. Most people assume I am a guy or a very large women, when they see or talk to me there jaw drops. I think conservative are very lazy. They pretend, lie and compete. I have been long in this state to tell you, I have unconsciously put lot of them in place. They all are competing with me, while I am telling them leave me alone. But again they are conservative, bible thumper, they don't listen they just talk, get offended, and go back again telling me, I miss the boat, if am not Christian. I have also been around rangers, just because you inherited a Land Grant, that doesn't mean you can work the land. Its all about power of hard work, nothing to do with party politics. I assume all these demonstrators, tattooed artist, party protestors are paid, right now its all about the prison stocks, and getting federal funding. So each person who cross the boarder illegally or migrate here legally makes for the investor. Now the one stays most often then not will do menial jobs. Its not only federal state funding but the market shares.

@Reelax99 Hey!! I resemble that remark!!!


I vacilate back and forth between resist and time to get the hell out of here.


One of the huge problem for baby boomers is that no country wants us unless we have enough money for the rest of our lives. We haven't paid taxes into their system, they are not going to cover our healthcare out of the goodness of their hearts. Personally, I'm not leaving my kids, and my kids don't look like they are inclined to move any time soon.


I wonder about moving to another country at times but I havnt even travelled outside the US.I monitor some expat sites for people in Mexico and see them caution people about leaving the US for political reasons.For now due to the comfort of familiarity I stay but will always keep in mind the possibility of moving elsewhere that my savings may stretch further if living here becomes too expensive.If I follow my parents I may have 30 more years to this life. Right now I think it will take that long to reverse damage done even if you don't consider the Supreme Court issue


I've been torn for a while between wanting to flee to another country and staying here and resisting. For the time being, I'm staying and doing what I can to resist. It is quite exhausting.

@Akfishlady Maybe we need to work on being outraged in shifts somehow. You take this week and I'll take next.

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