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Kids are expensive!

Iam4MY 7 July 8

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You get more for individual parts on the black market lungs , kidney liver etc....... Ive checked for research purposes of course


That's why I cook meth to support my alcohol habit...ha ha


People shouldn't have them if they can't afford them.

Totally! Where do people get off having lives and families they can't afford? If you're poor, you should be focusing all your time and attention on being a better cog in the machine that grinds you down! Only the wealthy can afford to actually live. Thats the way god wants it.


I thinking about children living in poverty.

That's where I'm coming from - children suffering.

It's why I'm an antinatalist.


Luckily, cannabis is cheaper..


I retired at 44. With a couple of kids, I'd still be working now.


I have twins a half million dollars. It seems like I may have already spent that much and they are only 7. I might have to win the lottery just to afford the next umpteen years.


Me: I’m so happy you just turned 10
My son: because you love me ? Me: no. Because I’m done mowing the fucking lawn for pretty much ever. Don’t die. Good talk son.


Glad I'm done.


Sell one or two of the least attractive ones and that should pay for the others and the alcohol with a small profit. (Hint: the Arabs seem to pay the most) 😉

@Lookin4love Since your bio says you have 2 kids then I guess it a matter of choosing a favourite or doing Eeny Meeny Miney Moe. 🙂

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