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For all of us Hippie spirits

HippieChick58 9 July 9

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Far out ..Lol..its groovy I dig it, get out of town man

How am I doing with my lingo?? ??



I wasn't a 'hippie' until it went out of fashion. That's a sign of a true hippie!

And me, as well!

I came into my hippieness when I got a divorce and embraced my atheism. They aren't connected necessarily, just happened about the same time.


I'll take both, thank you. LLOL

The second set of beliefs, shortened to a commitment to peace, love and rock and roll were relevant then, always have been among my prime directives, and still affect everything i do or believe.

But the hippy life style i accepted for a period of time so long ago has been modified. I'm still a free spirit who does whatever he feels like, but with a critical need for minimalist comfort like a warm place to rest my head, a daily shower, and an indoor toilet. I also appreciate some luxuries like my computer, regular meals, and the ability to afford some cannabis treats when i want them. LLOL


I have always been a free spirit which is why I am a dippie hippie ?


Probably depends on one's political orientation nowadays, hmmm?

I spent a good amount of time in the Dead Head scene and a surprising number of them turned out to closet republicans, can’t even count on the hippies! But my tie-dye don’t lie! ☮️

@ArdentAtheist Such an accurate observation...I was surprised at how many were as well! I preferred British rock, so I think that helped me stay liberal...


That's me too.

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