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Strange food combo.?

Sheannutt 9 July 12

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The strangest combo I've ever seen someone else eat was when I was a kid and I watched my grandpa eat fig bars dipped in potted meat . I think it was somewhat traumatic to see that and I never tried it myself ...never will.

that doesn't sound good at all


Open face peanut butter with peach preserves with nacho cheese Doritos.

the peanut butter and Peach sounds good but the Doritos with it no not for me

@Sheannutt It's really good with the Doritos.

@sewchick57 I bet it is if you like Doritos.


Cashews and blueberries !

That sounds pretty good


I don't eat this anymore, but l used to love pork'n beans and canned tamales. I eat much healthier now, except for the donuts, cake, and pie.

That sounds interesting pork and beans and tamales. You must have a sweet tooth when it comes to pastries.?❤?

@Sheannutt Oh yes! I had to find something to ease the pain of male pattern baldness. It was either donuts or heroin.

@Sticks48 I believe you better stick to the donuts it's more healthier.

@Sheannutt Cheaper too!

@Sticks48 I bet it is.


Ketchup on cottage cheese.

I used to do that when I was a kid


A sandwich. Mustard, bologna, peanut butter, pickles, and potato chips.


Doritos and grapes


Canned tuna mixed with small curd cottage cheese.

@MrLizard With some salt and pepper yes!


At the theater, I mix my Junior Mints with my popcorn.

MikeEC Level 7 July 12, 2018

That's not strange. That's normal.


I can't think of one, but I've never been pregnant before. Women who have been or are pregnant can come up with some pretty strange combos.

Oh yes they can.

I eat odd combinations normally. I seem to eat more conventionally acceptable meals while I'm pregnant.

@Donotbelieve There you have it. The woman that's built backwards. 😉

@AstralSmoke That's me.


Bugles and a Hershey bar...

But that's not strange. A bunch of people like salt and sugar together.


watermelon and balsamic vinegar...I like the sweet and tart combo

That sounds interesting I'm going to have to give that a try

@Sheannutt I also add some mint and feta cheese to make an unusual salad...half my friends love it, the other half hates

That's a combo I would never have considered.


I have both at home. I know what I'm trying tonight.

I also like a good strawberry salad. Mixed greens, strawberries, feta, dried cranberries, walnuts, pecans, and balsamic.

@Bierbasstard I love that as well! lol we obviously have refined palettes, right? lol


I first tried it at a bar paired with a pint if Guinness so I guess so? 😉

@thinktwice That sounds really tasty, to me.


My Strange combo is, scrambled eggs with pickled beets. Yum yum

That doesn't sound good to me, but I haven't tried it.

Are you short on points?

@AstralSmoke no I'm not short on points I'm already at level eight.

@AstralSmoke I love it

@Sheannutt When you're the first to respond to your own posts it brings up questions.

@AstralSmoke oh I did not know that, thanks for letting me know.

@AstralSmoke, @Sheannutt She's ot a bit short on points, It's just that you can't slow her down. I think she loves it here.

@kenriley yes I do it's what happens to one who is lonely.

@Sheannutt I'm not lonely and I like it here.

@kenriley that is so great, you must have many friends and family around you. ?

@Sheannutt got the best family, and only a few close friends. I'm alone just not lonely.There nothing wrong with really liking this site, there are great people here. I wish I could spent more time on the site, but I have my hands full.

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