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Do you consider Barack Obama a Super Hero?

He was always Presidential and professional. He was always polite and respectful to everyone. Sadly, I think he had the most death threats of any president, but he never mentioned it.

Don't forget this.
Near the end of Bush's 2nd term the stock market was spiraling toward a total economic crash that would have spread worldwide. Barack led the economic rescue of America. The stock market at least double during his tenure.

JohnINFP 7 July 12

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Obama was no superhero. He made his own mistakes and missteps.
However, given the disaster he inherited from Dubya, I'd say he did a
damned good job getting this country moving forward again.
Something 45 is trying to take credit for now.
He tried to get us out of wars we never had to (or should have) become involved in.
He has more class than 45 could ever try to buy (you know, because no one can
"buy" class, but there are an awful lot of rich people who try to). He hasn't had multiple children with multiple women. No women have come forward to accuse him of any kind of misconduct. There have never been allegations that he ever
cheated on his wife with anyone.
He's never filed bankruptcy. He's never been accused of running a fraudulent
university or foundation.
He didn't keep fact-checkers employed and busy, 24/7/365.
He's never screwed contracted workers out of their promised compensation.
He's never been sued for failure to carry out legal contracts.
It's also likely that he's never had anyone sign an NDA to protect his public image.
He was actually intelligent, well educated, well read, and well spoken.
He was thoughtful and clearly showed he cared about ALL the American people.
I respect Obama more than I've respected ANY of the men occupying that job
in my lifetime.
He is no superhero, he's no saint, he's damned sure not perfect, he's a human being.
However, he is a damn sight better than the current piece of shit occupying the job. By a country mile.

KKGator Level 9 July 12, 2018

I agree with everything you said, except 1. I still think he was a Superhero.

@JohnINFP That's cool. Believe whatever you please.
I don't believe in superheros.

Oh you forgot President Pathological Liar's over 3,000 lies already. In less than 2 years.

@JohnINFP I didn't forget. That is what the comment about the fact-checkers being kept employed and busy was about.

Dubya ROTFL. Don't mean to rain on the seriousness of your comment but that just tickled my funny bone! It was some much needed relief after grieving for the loss of Obama as President. Those were the days.

@patchoullijulie I refused to acknowledge him by his name either. As soon as I saw Dubya, that's what I used henceforth.
Glad I could give you a smile.

Expanding war from 2 countries to 7 is not trying to get us out of war. Obama was nothing more than the best republican president we have ever had.

@jorj Disagreed.

@KKGator so if u had 2 apples and then bought 5 more would u think u were getting rid of apples? Don't see how expanding wat is ending it. How do u reach that conclusion?

@jorj I'm not discussing anything with you.

@KKGator lol...I'll take it as my point is indisputable then. Good day.

@jorj Of course you will. Your ego won't allow you to do anything else.

@KKGator u wouldn't know that because u won't even attempt to defend your position. Your ego is the problem here, not mine. I can admit to being wrong if u can demonstrate how but since this one is a no brainier u are the one protecting an ego. Adding more of something is in no way ending something and u know that too. That's why u won't/can't defend it.

@jorj That's the thing. I have no interest in debating you, on anything. I won't defend anything I say, because there is no point. You commented on something I said. I didn't invite you to engage. I disagreed with you. That doesn't mean I have any intention, or obligation, to discuss it with you any further. Your assumptions about your particular position being the correct one don't mean fuckall to me. Your ego compels you to try to belittle me to bolster your need to be right. You accuse me of what you are guilty of.

@KKGator u invite it when u post to a PUBLIC thread. I asked u a question and you attacked my ego instead of just saying u don't like to discuss things. Didn't know asking a question means someone is assuming they are correct and refuse to ever change their stances. U must teach me this style of rational that u are using here. It appears as though I have been taught the exact opposite of what being rational is my whole life.


I love and miss President and Michelle Obama.

President Obama is highly intelligent, well read, calm, ethical, measured, thoughtful, loving and funny with great people skills. He is kind, polite and respectful to everyone.

President Obama is deeply missed.

I really miss them too


No, not a superhero. But one fine man, who handled his difficult position with class and grace.

How ever did we go from that to endless nightmare !?



He's not a super hero (well compared to current dipshit he is) but he was a damned fine man that the republifucks shit all over, repeatedly. Barack Obama bore it with amazing grace and fortitude.

I still believe he was a superhero.

@JohnINFP I'm glad you think that way. There could be far worse superheroes.


No not a superhero but certainly a man of integrity, worth and just all around goodness. sigh...


There's VERY few politicians who I could say this about, but Obama has my utmost respect. He did a difficult job, and undoubtedly made mistakes, but less than most and he never let go if his core values and beliefs. I'll never forget his frustration over theoretically being the most powerful person in the world but being rendered powerless to do anything about access to guns. His heart was in the right place.

Salo Level 7 July 12, 2018

Absolutely right!


Can you just imagine what this country could have been like if Obama didn't have 8 years of obstruction to battle instead of spending that time improving on the lives of everyday Americans? What a missed opportunity and fuck those repulsican pigs for creating those obstructions......not that I'm bitter or anything! Fucking fuckwits ??

That's exactly what would have happened. If Kentucky Rednecks and Evangelicals hadn't reelected Senator and weasel Mitch McConnell for the 100th time. He became the Senator leader.
The first days of Barack's term McConnell said that he would obstruct everything Barack and the Democrats wanted.

@JohnINFP I remember that well and never forgot it. I remember reminding people of that for 8 years.

@JohnINFP Yes! Someone mentioned Kentucky... oh...

8 years of obstruction? He had Democrat control of all the government and served his corporate donors instead of the people. Thus kicking off the over 1000 republican wins across America that put us where we are today. If he had made good on some of those campaign promises the Democrats would be in total contorl today. The working people were abandoned after showing up and putting Dems in control therefore making workers turn to repubs then to trump, who promised things even tho he lied to them, while Hillary ran to Hollywood and moderate repubs while ignoring the working people. The democrats are responsible for Trump and everything happening now because of their Wall St love.


I'm not for policies and agendas, but one thing I really like that obama did try to push forward the learning of critical think ing, and the use of learning the Scientific method to Question everything. Learn what you can but do the research yourself to learn about how to learn to think rather that being tolled what to think,
One great example was Obamma got to bring the Mythbusters on for a show about What is the data saying is believed, rather than asumming what we think.


he wasnt perfect but did a good job. I felt comfortable with him as my representative

btroje Level 9 July 12, 2018 least most people felt comfortable that an adult was in charge and we weren’t looking for the other shoe to fall...EVERY DAY!


No, but he is a good guy.


I’m not very political so I tend to judge politicians on superficial qualities. I thought the guy was classy as hellz.



No, I don't. He's just a man who's better than most. They say that Rome wasn't built in a day. But it can fall in a day. You can kind of apply that to the influence that presidents actually have on the economy. So I wouldn't credit Obama so much with the economic turnaround after the recession, despite him being at the helm. But you can see right now how quickly a president can fuck things up with a stroke of the pen.

I'm with you on the 'stroke of a pen'


It absolutely depresses me that he isn't our president now. He had more class in the tip end of his pinky finger than Trump has in his whole body!

Daphne Level 4 July 12, 2018

Obama was a screwball racist left wing idiot. He did a lot of harm in the 8 years he was in office.


Obama did the hard work and was kicked to the curb! He was a true man of honor in my book, but I don’t do hero worship. He did an outstanding job, against what appeared to me to be, great odds! He is unlike so many other big name politicians, who should walk the ‘hall of shame!’ And, there have been so many of them in the last 40 short years! I can’t understand how the people keep voting these same ‘get nothing done,’ politicians back into represent them?


I guess we are going to ignore the illegal drone strikes and the "collateral damage" associated with them? I doubt the parents of the busload of school children that got killed hold him in such high esteem.

I don't want to ignore the truth. Nobody wants any children killed in a military strike. They made mistakes. Think about how Bush & Cheney started an illegal war based on over 900 documented lies and false statements. The high jackers were not from Iraq, Fifteen of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt, and Lebanon. But Bush/Cheney leveled Iraq and killed millions of people. Condoleeza Rice was even clearly warned of an eminent attack before September 11th happened. But they didn't stop it. Barack and the military assassinated Bin Ladin, not Bush/Cheney.

How did you think the War on Terror was going to play out? You think ISIS should have been handled with kid gloves? Apart from Jimmy Carter, illegal actions have always been committed by every US president.

@Gareth It was not "War on Terror", it was a deliberate attack on an American citizen ACUSESED by our government (Re: Bushes "Weapons of mass destruction" verified by his intelligence sources.), with no due process by law. The fact that the drone strike was conducted in a foreign country is does not give up one's constitutional rights when one leaves the county.

@dahermit I agree with you that due process is vitally important - that's why I presume you support the "Black Lives Matter" campaign as do I. The $64M question is what do you do with someone who you perceive to be a danger to US citizens who is operating from a country with no extradition agreement? More egregiously, what do you have to say about this US citizen, killed on Trump's watch? If you think that this is worse than anything Obama did, then we are in agreement. Have a nice day.

@Gareth If there is no extradition treaty, you just use special forces to snatch them and return them to the U.S. ...or do nothing until you can get them. There is no provision in the Consitution for a president to murder a "suspect." As for comparing Trump's actions to Obama's, that is not the point. The point was, "is Obama a superhero"? And of course, he is NOT for the reasons I have given, despite the actions of the ignoramus that now occupies the presidency. Does "worse" than what Obama did, make Obama's executions (sans due process) of American citizens legal or morally correct?

@dahermit Normally I have higher standards and keep focussed when I comment but this thread seems to have gone a bit all over the place. I apologise for that. Let's reset. Obama was not a super hero. That's because nobody is. After Carter I'd rate him the 2nd best president of my lifetime. I'm not going to get into the debate of whether you stick to the path of legality even if it might result in the deaths of members of your own team.

[Edit] You may find this pertinent:
"The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it."

U.S. Constitution: Art I, sec. 9

@Gareth A Writ of Habeas Corpus does not seem to apply to murder a citizen. It seems to be more relative to holding someone without proper due process. Besides, no legitimate case can be made for Rebellion or Invasion. Aside from that, I do not share your admiration of Carter. He was a weak president and was seen as such by our enemies. Consider how he left the crew of the Pueblo to be tortured in North Korean hands for over a year. He also lacked political savvy. Johnson was a bully and intimidator but had a knack for striking deals. Carter, foolishly thought that to be in the moral right, would enable him to win out. He was known for not being willing to compromise and he suffered for it politically.

@dahermit Carter never ordered the killing of anyone, US citizen or not. Seems that in your world you're damned if you do and damned if you don't/

@Gareth I never made the assertion that Carter killed anyone, just that he was an ineffectual brought him up, I did not. The subject was whether or not Obama was a "superhero"...and he was not as indicated by the examples I gave. He was better than any Republican would have been.


He most definitely was a super hero in my eyes!!!!

Yes!! Yay!!


I think he was a racist idiot who did a lot of bad and stupid things to the US. He was a regulation nut job who seemed intent on destroying the US economy and his foreign policy was idiotic!


And then he bailed out the people who caused the crash with taxpayer dollars, the largest upwards transfer of wealth in history. A reverse Robin Hood, some super hero.


Obama...a super hero???? Maybe if u are part of the 1% or a die hard republican. Expanded wars, right wing health plan, corporate bailout....etc. he may have been charming and speak eloquently but his actual actions make him a POS imo. I fell for his lies in 08 but like Bush said...."fool me once, shame on...shame on u, fool me....u can't get fooled again."

jorj Level 8 July 13, 2018

Super hero? No, he's a regular human.


A decent man, but in the end a Chicago democrat who gave great speeches but couldn't follow up. As the late Gore Vidal said in 2007 about Obama, yes 2007, Chicago democrats always give great speeches but never stand for anything. He forsaw what we couldn't see then. Nothing will remain of his presidency ultimately other than the memory of lost opportunity to attempt real change, a failure that lead to Trump. Sorry to say.

I disagree that Obama, ‘never stood for anything!’ If you had the GOP, against every move that you made, you would end up having little to show for your hard work! At least he had human decency and that stands for something! The same thing was said of Jimmy Carter and few men in my mind can hold a candle to him and that is with his religion.

@Freedompath I see your point but Obama wasted his first term when had the most authority and control. Truth is, speeches aside, he was not a reformer and had no intention of being one, the very example of what progressives who wish to reform the Democratic Party say is wrong with it. Truth is, with his gang of recycled Clinton corporate democrats at his side, his presidency was little more than a resumption of the Clinton years with an African American guy at the helm. I agree about the decency of Obama and Carter, but political power is about achievements, and Obama whipped up an appetite for change, failed to even try to take advantage of it, and then left hungry people who sublimated that desire into the evil Trump presidency. I believe history will so judge.

@David1955 I can see your point...but, I think there are far more people working in the background than either of us can imagine! And Obama was not connected there and most likely had no skill to play their games! The more I read, the worse it looks! There are things going on that are so complicated I couldn’t repeat them, if my life depended on it! As, has been said...trump is systemic of a greater problem with our government. Our government is controlled by big money...Obama was lucky to hold things together! That is with all that i have read!

@Freedompath He fought hard and you are RIGHT, he did NOT have the connections. He was also idealistic and thought that he would have the power to do things. Even when he had congress, those in congress were paid to do what they did. Few in congress give a rats ass about their constituents. They are paid to further things like the bailouts to corporations and Wall St. He did a lot in his time including ACA. Millions are about to lose access to healthcare making us a third world nation again in this regard. I miss Obama and his efforts, dignity and decency.

@Knitfreak me too...nobody is a god here...not to mention the ‘afterlife!’


He was not perfect. He murdered at least two American citizens with drone strikes who had not been convicted of anything, depriving them of their Constitutional right of due process of law. He also acknowledged that he did not have the constitutional authority to use presidential decrees in certain instances of immigration issues but then used them anyway, setting a precedent for the duffus who is now president to follow suit. He was seemingly brash in some of his decisions. He was no super hero...he weakened the Constitution.

I hate that those two Americans were killed his presidential mistake. I think he did the best he could with surgical strikes. Every president mistakes. I also hate that he oversaw more immigrant deportations than any other president.

@JohnINFP a handful of mistakes are not condoned, but they are understandable, running a country of 300 odd million people! A mistake is just that and not deliberate evil...not by any stretch of the imagination!

@Freedompath murder = "mistake"?

@dahermit as I understood was ‘in error,...for me murder is never ok! We have a ‘military machine’...put into use, grave mistakes are made! They are never condoned...

@Freedompath This was no error...he was targeted.

@dahermit I vaguely remembe this, I would need to go back and research the whole episode to remember what happen! I have moved on from Obama...I can hardly keep up with the present moment, much less dredge up the past of Obama. I never live in the past...obviously, you are not a fan of Obama’s, fine...I accept that!

@Freedompath I voted for him but am old enough to know that it is illogical to idolize humans beyond what they are.

@dahermit you will not find me idolizing any person. There are just people who strive to do the right thing and people who don’t!

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