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I do not use these, how many of you do?

Sheannutt 9 July 12

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Nope, I’ll wait for a worker


I do. I hate how anyone else bags my groceries and I feel like a jerk shooing away the bagger, so I do it myself.
Probably people once said the same thing about ATMs.


Well, I find that they are very convenient.
And I use them for my grocery shopping.


I almost always do if they are available.. Faster then the average checkout line and I pack my own bags (the way I want them). I always take my own canvas bags, as well.

@Sheannutt I usually remember mine. I also do a lot of my shopping at Aldi and they don't have automated machines, but the tellers are really quick. I still have to pack my own bags though.

@Sheannutt We have a Whole Foods here as well, but here it's an upper-class grocery store. And I believe Whole Foods sold out to ...?


Around here, one is almost forced to use them as often there is only one manned checkout open.

Zster Level 8 July 12, 2018

@Sheannutt No. I am not sure why area businesses are so stingey. I figured it was a wide spread thing, to run businesses with way too few employees these days. I live in the SE US. Maybe customer service expectations are just lower here.


I never self check out. But, I do most my shopping online now, and I think that will be the way of the future, so those cashiers will be doing other jobs, either way. Maybe mom and pop shops will be returning.


I would NEVER, NEVER use self checking, hell I don't really care for self serve gasoline.


Nope, I prefer humans .


Never have, for all those reasons 🙂

Varn Level 8 July 12, 2018

I use them. I generally don’t like people, so they attract me. There are usually 6 or more registers, so even if you’re behind a dozen idiots, it kind of moves quickly. There is apparently still the ideation in the generally population that they are express orientated, so the people buying cart fulls of product usually go to the full service lines, so they aren’t in my way. I like to pack my own product. I use fewer resources and can pack bags to suit my logistical needs. The only thing missing is my do-it-yourself discount. This is situation extremely similar to the phasing out of the full-service gas station.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I can run a cash register better than most cashiers employed today.


I do.
They are especially useful when I am:

  • introverting extra hard
  • in a hurry
  • just have a couple of items

I also use online shopping.

Every new technology kills jobs. Change is constant, we need to find a better way to address it than trying to inhibit it's use due to social upheaval.


generally no for the above reasons

btroje Level 9 July 12, 2018
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