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I had been talking to a guy for a month. Tried to meet up several times but he either had something come up or got sick. I was definitely getting the "not interested" vibe. But when I asked him he was always so like " no I am interested..lets just take it slow" So I point blank asked him if he wanted me or not. He gets all defensive and says for me to stop acting like we were dating!! Wtf?? I don't have time for games and I am too old for that shit anyway. Why can't men just be open and honest about their intentions??

ErinS704 5 July 12

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He actually weighs 400 lbs, is unemployed, and lives in his mum’s basement. The photos he posted are his brother-in-law, Pete. You dodged a bullet.



Some are, you found the wrong guy. Cut your losses, forget him and move on. Don't make a priority someone who makes you optional.


He's either playing games to boost his ego or afraid of involvement. Move on quickly!


Guys can be. You're just talking to the wrong dude.


Yeah he's playing around. When your older ain't nobody got time for that. Lol.


Try not push all guys into the same hole as this one, who doesn't sound like he's worth your effort.


If things are not going to your satisfaction, move on. Problem solved.


Is he breadcrumbing you just to see if you will respond? If so, best to delete, block, and move on.

Sorcha Level 6 July 12, 2018

Sounds like "he's just not that into you"... Move on and don't waste any more time and energy on someone who's not willing to fully invest their time and energy in you.


Pay attention to the red flags that are flying in your face.
There is definitely something "not right" here.
Cut him loose.


To be honest, This guy seems liking like he's hiding something. To me I would drop him like a hot potato. there are manother fish in the sea. believe me, he's not worth the hastle.


You got a married man looking for a transition to single life.


I know. Been there. I don't like games either. Mine didn't have the balls to break up in person, no call, no text. Screw that noise. They keep telling me there are good ones out there. We'll find 'em. 'Til then, let's go have a beer. First round's on me!

Sounds good lol. I’m in the same boat as you. I’m wondering where the good women are hiding. I’m up for a nice quiet bar lol


There are a dozen episodes of Catfish that start just like this. Move on

GwenC Level 7 July 12, 2018

Darn it, ask me next time ?


Not all guys are like that. I for one am not. When I have a lady in my life nobody will be able to get me to cheat. I call everyday when I’m unable to go visit. I tag her in romantic memes on Facebook and such. I do my best to let her know she’s always in my thoughts

PaulD Level 5 July 12, 2018

Yeah, this guy was lying to someone for sure. That's how people act when they are potentially cheating.

Watch our for the warning signs. Being a poly guy, we get it a lot with women pulling the same exact thing. If someone isn't wide open with you about their life or things within it by about a week or two, then they are being dishonest somewhere along the line. Just level and tell them this is how it looks and, often, they will come right out and admit it.

You're 100% right - don't waste time on those guys. Move on.

All the best to you!


He probably has feelings of inadequacy and is intimidated by your superior sexual prowess.

Or he's just a dumb jerk.

Maybe both.

Prolly both.



Sounds like he was trying to keep his options open. Meanwhile he's giving you mixed signals. You don't need that.


Some people are just ass-hats. But there are genuine people out there.


I am a firm believer in believing what people do over what they say. Words are easy.

From your description he is acting uninterested, I would assume no matter what he said he is uninterested or like couple of guys I shooed way wants you to be there when he has nothing else going on.

You are definitely worth more than either scenario.


Many people (men and women) are bad at expressing their thoughts or opinions clearly and honestly. Also, many people tend to have things they want to hide. My only advice is just remember you can't change people. At the first sign they are not being upfront and honest then move on and move on quickly. Also, trust your gut instinct on these matters. That is your subconscious mind contradicting your conscious mind trying to rationalize the other person's behavior.

This is sadly true.

Sincerity and clarity are rare.

They say to trust your gut, first impressions,if something seems "Off" run away.....


Some of us are capable of openness and honesty. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

The Internet selects for posers and shallow people.

This man is real, honest, and intelligent. ^


Married , no doubt about it.


He's married.

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