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Your thoughts on gun ownership? I think no one needs an automatic weapon. Guns should be regulated like cars: Owners licensed and trained and age requirements, insurance required, guns registered and licensed.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 7

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In 1996 there was a gun massacre in Australia. They changed their laws. I Australians value life and Americans are soooooooooo bound by the NRA song and dance that they are simply not seeing the situation for what it is. I agree with you... fully.

I disagree. Guns are cultural in this country. Our ancestors fought for our freedom with a gun. I willing to bet I have family that fought in that war.


I want my MTV.

godef Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

I own guns, as defensive weapons and tools.. There is no need for military assault weapons or associated armor-piercing shells and personal body armor. In the US, we are allowed to be armed against tyranny. And we are - by numbers! Allow us to maintain handguns and shotguns for self defense, rifles for varmint eradication and hunting, and we’d be set.

Here’s the thing (any right-wing crazies): there’s no such thing as ‘zombies.’ And we cannot arm ourselves, nor should we attempt to, as well as ‘our military.’ What, tanks? If & when, we would quickly become the equivalent of the French Underground of WW2 - guerrilla warfare with sighted in .22 long rifles is all it’d take to regain our freedom.

But for now, stop the slaughter ~

Varn Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

Anyone care to disagree with the points made here:

... ? I'm sure you've all seen it before.

Zanyfish old buddy I could, but why? Honestly I am not here to throw more wood on the fire.

yes... Australians value life... sadly Americans don't


Totally agree @HippieChick58. No automatic weapons needed except in a zombie apocolypse-from a past post. LOL. Otherwise licensed, trained, age requirements and registered.


Those who think the criminals use legal guns to commit their crimes should have their heads examined.


Agreed who needs a rocket propelled grenade ? Duck Dynasty wants war with Alex Jones for true xian homophobic primacy


I kind of agree with you....but I know that guns don't kill people....people do. Also, mostly anything can be used as a weapon....from sharpened screwdrivers and glass to rat poison .

Fuck TrumpOLINI pandering to the gun obsessed

@MrLizard As I said....many items in a household can be converted into weapons.


Thank you for this. It has come up in the past and will come up again. First off, gun ownership aside, the pro-gun people have no viable stand on their lobbying tactics that stopped funding to the CDC and NIH for gun studies. It simply shows they are hiding the indefensible.

I have a clearly visible sign next to my driveway that says this is a gun free area and NRA members are not welcome. I have gotten nothing but positive remarks on that sign. Our county does not allow rifles for hunting, only shotguns, muzzle loaders, handguns and bows. Most of the hunting grounds are also trails and my group, the BLM, puts orange vests and signs out warning hikers that it is hunting season.

I hate was guns has done to this country and donate money to bring simple laws to reducing the senseless violence. Our library has a used magazine shelf and I remove the (few) gun magazines and take them out of circulation. Did you know according to the NRA, there are 3 precious metals; Gold, Silver and Lead?! There is a new, semi?-automatic gun on the market and it is called "Saint". It boggles my mind how those who prophesize "Love thy Neighbor" and "He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword" are in bed with the gun manufacturers.


I can see that I am a minority. First off to own an automatic fire arm you have to be vetted by the ATF which is a long process and costs at least 200$ for the stamp. Secondly before buying the stamp one must first buy the automatic fire arm which there is a VERY limited supply, and were made I believe pre-1984. The auto weapon is very expensive, about 10K to 25K and perhaps more, and the money has to be given to a gun store who has a license to sell that type of weapon and then holds the weapon while you start the process of obtaining the stamp from the ATF. I don't have that kind of money to throw around, so I don't have one, but I wish I did🙂. My son had the opportunity to shoot a military AR M16, and it sounded like it would be a fun target gun.

I strongly agree with you that owners should be TRAINED, and CERTIFIED, and that they are qualified for ALL gun ownership! I only say this because many have never been around a gun, and they could be extremely dangerous in unqualified HANDS. I guess that is all I have for now.

We need the
MILITIA to deter the Chinese fromega invading USA given TrumpOLINI and Obusha Obombney have borrowed 6 trillion from Beijing our interest payments pay for 2 aircraft carriers built in Shanghai each year

@GreenAtheist Yea that is depressing huh. I would like start throwing politician in the slammer when they responsible for such gross negligence. *****!!!

A gun owner, it never took more than pulverizing a few bricks with a large (police) pistol to satisfy our curiosity or ‘thrill of shooting.’ I know there’s the ‘to each their own’ mentality regarding thrills ...but when I watch the near orgasmatic elation of those having unloaded their assault weapon into a ..a junked car … I don’t view them as healthy. It’s a powertrip for for sure.. but one that’s obviously far far too costly for society.

It's a sport Varn. I enjoy shooting fire arms, but really enjoy shooting consistent accurate
groups on paper. When I was a kid I liked my BB gun. When I was able I like the traditional long bow. The point was always to hit target consistently. I shoot clays with my 20 gauge. I have thought long and hard about self-defense, and I can tell it is a frightening image. I have Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry License that is honored in
30 plus States (Illinois not being one). It is a big responsibility to carry a gun, and should be.

@Leutrelle I’d done the same, BB’s, pellet rifle, .22 on up ...but I outgrew it, long before now.. And I see no sport in working one’s trigger finger 😉 It appears to have turned into a ‘sport’ so those with no practical need for a rifle can ..blow things up. Taught my daughter’s to shoot pistols off our back porch … while living up a dead end gravel road in the woods without another house in sight.. And no one’d best mess with ‘em to this day. But the need to shoot, for fun? Not any more.

I suspect you’re a stable guy, a neighbor I’d be glad to have, but does anyone need an AR-15 with banana clips, armor piercing shells, a flak jacket..? Honestly, there was a time I was looking into one (an AR), and had my family's security depended on it, would have gotten it. But it didn’t. I’ve an array of guns, and don’t envision them going anywhere soon… but there’s got to be a limit.

-- Hey, if you answer this, click on the ‘@’ button on the right in my box, or I may not find it 🙂

Varn, did I mention the Wrist Rocket! As a young boy my wrist sling saved me from predatory man who I worked with at a fruit farm in Ca. Yes I will admit that I have more guns than I need. Finding a place to shoot is difficult where I live now, and I know for sure I miss the shooting sport. I build ARs and have them in various calibers. I just like the gun sport more!🙂


"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed".


Where's the bit about the well regulated militia? At the moment it looks like unregulated mobs. Of no use as defenders of the nation and a threat to the common well being.

Better to have infra red scope rifles than street sweeper semi automatics

Define, “Arms.” Then share your thoughts on “The right of the people to keep and bear” tactical, small yield, field deployable nuclear arms. Any difference? Our Constitution was designed to evolve, as has our ability to construct ‘arms.’ But the ‘All or Nothing’ argument of the NRA ..actually works!

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Ever notice when people "quote" the Second Amendment it's actually a misquote? For some reason they think that keeping the commas out are somehow okay.

I think it's obvious that the authors of the amendment were referring to something other than nuclear weapons. M1A1's and Apaches just a bit too expensive for the avg joe.

@RobAnybody the militia was called up from the citizenry as opposed to a feared standing army. ...Governors were the Commanding Officers of each state militia once called up most often to chase native tribes far out west past Appalachia but to repel British in 1812-1815 men in harbor cities were gotten drunk and would wake up out to sea as American SAILORS. ...not so well regulated. ....draft CONSCRIPTION was a major force in North against Treason in Charleston et al. ...gun rights are side arm rights not machine guns or bazooka RPGs so leave citizens alone to defend themselves and to repel the Chinese when they invade USA with Navy and weapons paid for by our interest payments on 6 trillion dollars loaned to ReaGUN and his gangsters following him into the White House

@GreenAtheist Yup, got all that. I'm responding to the comment which ignores the part about the militia. Also the NRA argument seems to have become detached from the fear of a standing army. They've developed some romantic notion about an armed citizenry being able to resist the defense forces of the USA.


guns should be 10k and bullets should be 500$ each in a perfect world and no carry rights . in gun clubs only. you want to hunt use a cross bow

It's possible to get an appropriate balance. Australia is managing quite well. Our gun deaths are very low, any single incident, not even an actual death, gets national coverage, yet we hunt deer, pigs, and other things fairly routinely. The system is not perfect. We've had a few massacres since 1996, but the body counts have not exceeded five individuals. Restrictions on the stage use of firearms makes my life more difficult, and I would argue makes such use more not less hazardous. Hunters seem to provide more than their fair share of dickheads, but this is as true of the bow hunters as of the firearms mob.

Well I suppose at least the billionaires could still afford to shoot.

@RobAnybody Thank you. It’s irritating to hear (here in the US) that it’s either ‘all or nothing’ with regard to gun control. A post on this thread listing oppressive regimes having confiscated the guns of their citizenry not only does a disservice to those of us living in the thick of it, it blatantly ignores the balanced gun laws of civilized nations.

Our national gun lobby, the “NRA” would no doubt exploit an exceptional tragedy within your system to ‘prove it doesn't work.’ And, even with their disproportionate political voice over here, ‘they’d win’ ...while the rest of us await the next massacre ~

@Varn In fact the NRA attempted such exploitation but 1) the low level of casualties relative to massacres in the US renders this difficult to sustain 2) at least one of those massacres was brought to an end by unarmed men, partly refuting the notion that the only answer to guns is more guns.


Yes no gun culture needed


I agree.

Betty Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

I would go further and say that no private citizen should own a pistol, assault weapon, or semi-automatic weapon. The only real purpose of such weapons is killing people. I am an Army vet and fired "expert with the M-1 Graand rifle. I also own a shotgun and a lever action rifle.

@BamI proudly stand by what I said.


I'd be fine with gun ownership being as it was originally under the 2nd Amendment.
Single shot firearms. I know it's never going to go back to that, but that would be the ideal for me. I don't think anyone should possess any kind of semi-automatic weapon.
I agree with your entire comment.

The single shot black powder long rifle was basically the same weapon that the army had at that time. I think we should have the same rifle today as the military carries, however we don't have that right.

All guns are single shot. Its just the rate of fire that varies.

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