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I wish the people on this site would stop being so political. Just about all the members here agree there is at least the question of whether god(s) exist. How does that translate to politics? Politics and religion are a mixture that created the horrible way this government (U.S.) is run today and I truly believe the founding fathers wanted religion to stay out of politics, not only because of the 1st Amendment and Article VI Paragraph III but also the Treaty of Tripoli Article 11 (specifies the Christian religion). At the very least, it creates drama and separates us as a people, a people that gather here to try to make friends with common interests without religion, because that one thing along, makes us the minority. We are few and far between in this world full of religious zealots. Why would we want to discuss something that isolates us even more?

briangs 5 Jan 7

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Personally, I'd rather not see any topics restricted from discussion. We're all free to engage, or ignore, with whichever topics we choose.

@briangs I agree that being republican or conservative automatically does not make anyone a "bible thumper". I also didn't say you said anything about restricting discussion. I was speaking in general terms. However, the "sheer hatred" you find sad is primarily a reaction to the level of intrusion many feel. I agree it's not reasonable for paint everyone with the same brush, but I also think it's on other republicans and conservatives to change the image they'be been projecting to the populace. I'm not a liberal, or a democrat, but I can easily see how that impression has been made so pervasive. There is definite backlash happening. While it isn't necessarily fair to all, it does have its roots in reality. Not everyone has been quite so eloquent in their expression of that backlash. When people are angry and resentful at the powers that be, they don't always take the time to specify that it isn't all of any one particular group. Sometimes, we tend to generalize. I admit to being guilty of it at times. No one is perfect.


Good point. I'm thinking of a "rant" section where we suggest members post "things to rant about" in a category so that other categories are more constructive.

Admin Level 8 Jan 7, 2018

An excellent idea! They can all be in one chat room. I can imagine that it would be as cosy as a conference of solipsists, all arguing about which one of them really exists....LOL

Yes,yes... maybe titled : ranting/raving

@Duke ... adequate minds think alike πŸ™‚


We've discussed politics for the last two months or longer. Religion relates to politics in this administration bigtime.


I quite like the political posts. It gives me a window on how people from other cultures see their own society - remember, this forum has members from all over the world.

So far I have only seen polite and reasoned discourse between differing political ideals. If you don't want to join in a discussion, just move along to the next one.


You cannot separate the two. The head of the DOJ has called the separation of church and state unconstitutional. Every year republicans work themselves into a frenzy over the alleged "war on christmas". Republicans consistently try to insert Christianity into the public domain with displays of crosses and the 10 commandments on public property. Republicans across the country have drafted legislation to legalize discrimination based on sexual orientation. Atheists and agnostics must be political if we want to ensure that America remain a constitutional republic and not a Republican theocracy.

Right now it may seem they are inseparable, and I agree we must be political. As for your post on War on Christmas - take the FFRF quiz I posted elsewhere on this site or at FFRF, you'll probably get a kick out of it..


As long as there are religious people who try to use the government to promote, and implement, their religious beliefs, there will be those who will resist them--and I am one of them.

@briangs I think this forum is a place where we can share the experiences we have with these types of religious people--they are a real threat to us non-believers. And, right now, tRUMPf is their hero. When we voice our political opinions here we can find camaraderie with like-minded people (although there are those who have different opinions). I have very few people IRL with whom I can have reasonable, political, conversations. I like that I can come here and, if I choose to engage in a political posting, I will. If I am not in the mood at that moment, I will move along to other posts.


At a time when religious zealots are aggressively pushing religion into the public sphere, we are fools if we are NOT political. Also, if we are tolerant and unbigoted, and if we care about the planet we live on, it is incumbent on us to be political in support of those values. I completely disagree with the idea that atheism is apolitical. It isn't.

Totally agree! Define it, speak out, or lose it!

Sometimes people of like mind need to hear others echo their opinions. Given how out of favor sanity and compassion and decency are in the US government right now, it's no surprise that people who have those qualities have an impulse to band together.


That’s probably due to the fact that most members practice critical thinking. But when you practice critical thinking conservative politics become indefensible. Maybe they’re connected in some way.


Politics is vitally important, even though predictably contentious. And it relates, in a way, to spirituality questions. Religion claims to provide us with a framework, a rule book, by which we are admonished to lead our lives. Government does the same thing, but more concretely and with the force of law. Politics is the battle for influence and control of society's rulebook. As long as religion keeps inserting itself into politics, the impulse for many of us who resent that religious influence to fight back through political criticism will be strong AND warranted.

This site has been a great platform for wide-ranging discussions. I agree that we ideally want to maintain ties to questions of rational understanding, but not only would it be a large dampening effect on the energy of this site to insist on rigid policing, in the case of politics it would be misguided. Politics is a huge battleground for matters of religion.


There are 16 categories to post to. One of them is politics.

I was once accosted by an idiot while having a friendly 'political' discussion in a bar. He was very upset and told me "We don't talk politics in this bar". I let him know that I'll talk about anything I want at any time I feel it is appropriate to. I also let him know that the only way to be free was the free and unfettered conveyance of information. The more we talk about politics, the less harmful influence it has. He finally had to agree and walked away...

Dilly! Dilly!. My veiw excactly.

Well, I for one have enjoyed reading about similar thoughts and feelings, since it is rare for me to meet someone in person that has the same values and beliefs. Yes, I'm sure their is 'the soapbox', but on the other hand it is not a bad place to hone our own arguments and thus be more effective in helping to make changes where needed.


When the political climate affects my family and myself, I personally believe it's worth talking about. Since our current president is a misogynist, bigoted, racist, homophobic/transphobic idiot who is trying to kill off the poor...... Well enough said.

All I can say is that you must be living in a bubble to not see what is happening. I have Muslim and Hispanic friends; he is doing his best to boot both out of the country. I have a gay daughter who is living with a trans woman; he is trying to take their rights away from them. I have a bi-racial nephew and grand-daughter; all I have to say about that is Charlottsville. Oh, and let's not forget his mating call ("grab them by the pussy" ).

If you want to put your head in the sand and pretend everything is allright, go right ahead. If you don't want to hear any of the rants that me (and others) put on here, that is your right. But you have NO right to tell me what I believe and not believe. In other-words, if you don't want to hear it then don't read it. We will see which one of us is delusional soon enough.


"at the very least, for violations of the Constitution... the big one being forced to buy a product or service."
-The individual mandate was a product of the Heritage Foundation, a far right wing think tank, it wasn't Obama's idea. Furthermore, this went to the Supreme Court, it is in fact constitutional.

misogynist- Check

bigoted, racist- check

homophobic/transphobic- check

Idiot- check

trying to kill off the poor- check

If you honestly believe there is no proof to any of her claims you should be ashamed of yourself.


I feel that freedom from religion is under heavy attack right now, and others on here seem to feel it too. Where else would you go to find thoughtful discussion of something that is vital to our core beliefs?? Evil things will occur to those who leave their heads in the sand!


I wish posters would stop posting about drugs... I hate drugs.... I wish posters would stop posting about favourite rock stars.. Boring.... I wish posters would stop posting about their favourite wacky religion.... I wish posters would stop posting about sex..... Well, you see where this goes.... Personally, when I see posts about things like drugs, I ignore them, because I truly dislike drug use. But I'm not about to criticise the poster or complain about what is on their mind. I do the editing in my mind and exercise that freedom. Religion and politics, by the way, in my view are inextricably linked, at local, national and international level. Is anything more important to discuss. @Admin. Thy Will Be Done. But people here are overwhelmingly well behaved and the site should reflect what is on all our minds.

well I guess I'll ignore your thoughts too. [ my tongue is bleeding]


If all political discussions were conducted with dignity and decorum, would you still not want to hear people "getting political"? If all religious believers treated everyone with dignity and decorum, would you feel differently about said believers? Or their religion? Is politics really what bothers you? Politics doesn't bother me. I find it endlessly, perplexingly fascinating. What bothers me is rudeness, lack or respect, self-righteousness, fixity, etc. These things are not endemic to "politics"; they are endic to people. Politics is merely the lens that tends to gather and focus these beams into something that can be used to harm. It's not the lens' fault. Grown-ups have no excuse for being mean. I'm Honestly amazed that society seems to accept and even expect unacceptable behavior in certain situations. Someone tries to pick your pocket or grope your crotch? Sure, scream, curse, and even throw a punch if you wanna. But someome calls you an ugly name or says your ideas are stupid? Be an adult. Would you rather treat the symptom or the disease?

@briangs Whew! I am sincerely just glad you didn't read a moralizing, holier-than-though tone in my response, which I had feared might come off as too blunt. I break out in a cold sweat whenever I think I may have upset someone. It's totally a problem. XD


Religion and politics come together when actions take place "in the name of god". Swearing on the bible in a court of law, for example. Church and state should always be separated in my opinion, but they're often intertwined - especially in Muslim countries, and less so in Christian countries.


I whole hearted agree. Politics is like some kinda of religion when ever it is discussed.

The way I see it goes something like this. Your right of course the founding fathers intentions included the concept of a  secular democratic republic. To insure we remain secular the democratic aspect is limited to the extent that no individuals rights can be abridged by will of the majority. The constitution trumps the will of the majority. 

Right now every Congressmen, Senator, Supreme Court Justice and the President are believers. This goes for appointees too.  For example, the Secretary of Education. is a fanatical fundamenalist zealot with no background in education. Her only qualification is the the fact she donated millions to like minded Republican candidates. She has publicly stated "the Department of Education should be abolished".  She is doing all she can to funnel tax dollars out of public education to finance private religous schools.  

 I don't know about you but I'm pissed off, out raged and shitting bricks my hard earned dollars are being spent on brain washing kids into creationist new world dullards. Our under financed education system is ranked 37th and falling. We are about average for a third world country.

 As non believers we, of all citizens, should be acting like organized, outraged and vocal opposition.  If this travisty doesn't "translate into politics" we will be marginalized right out of society. If nonbelievers choose bury their heads in the sand their voices will never be heard..  

reagan started it by courting the fundamentalists. we've been dealing with the effects ever since


Politics and religion are very similar. They ignore facts in favor of popular opinion and the opinion of old book, respectively. They both influence education in a way that lies are taught in place of facts. For me, governments and religions are the same thing, entities selling you an alternate reality not worthy of recognition. I'm pretty sure if the founding fathers could see the results they would concede that their creation was an abject failure.


Politics is an ancient Greek philosophy unfortunate in today's society it is more like a B rated soap opera, lost all the intellect it was once meant to reflect. I agree with your post.


U never read those post that in the first line/s show an issue I don'; t care for. Simple.

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