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I honestly believe within the next 10 years we will have solid proof of alien life. What do you guys think?

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MrChange 7 July 20

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It's already here. Look to the White House!

An insult to extra terrestrials for sure.


I believe we already have the proof, however the powers that be won't allow it to be shown.

Now if you're talking about a public outing of alien life, that's a different story. That won't come out until the governments feel it is absolutely necessary. Hopefully that will be within 10 years or less.

That's Exactly what I mean. Thanks.


Simple life like bacteria, hopefully within 20 years. Intelligent life that is able to travel through space, who knows.


What informs your belief and the timetable associated with it? Is there any evidence behind it?

What are you considering solid proof? What are you considering alien life?

icolan Level 7 July 21, 2018

I've been reading and studying too much information leading to other intelligent life outside of earth. It's just my opinion and strong belief through science and research. Try asking someone why they believe the string theory.

@MrChange Even given a 100% probability of intelligent life outside of earth, what evidence are you basing your 10 year timeline on?


It is on my dream list to met an alien. Highly unlikely in my lifetime, but what the hell.


I voted never but aliens are the one thing that terrify me. I don’t believe in ghosts or demons or anything like that. But aliens? ??


I think it would be great if we did discover some form of alien. I think religious foundations would be put the test.

dokala Level 7 July 21, 2018

If we are made up of star stuff, and life was formed out of those ingredients, I don't see why it wouldn't happen elswhere. Probably more often than we think.

I think the same way, our source is fire and we began as stardust


To me a belief or faith that aliens exist is just as delusional as a belief in a God, soul, ghosts, or afterlife.

It's not though.

clearly not one is a man made delusion the other is the extrapolation from data about possibilities and life covers it all from bacteria to who knows what

@weeman great point

to say there is evidence would be a stretch to say the least. It's theoritichally possible, but anything beyond that is faith or a desire to believe.
Further if alien life developed on other planets, it's highly unlikely that it developed at the same time as life on earth developed. In all the time this planet and galaxy has existed life has only been a blip, and what we choose to call intelligent life has only been a blip within that blip. The idea that somewhere else another planet also developed life or intelligent life in the same tiny time fram our planet did is astronomicly unlikely.

@PolyComrade sigh where did I say there was evidence

@weeman Then isn't that faith? Belief in something there is no evidence for? How does that differ from theists?

@PolyComrade look if you believe the essentials for life have only occured on one planet when science says we are a fairly common planet in a fairly common solar system in pretty small galaxy amongst fck knows how many galaxies in a universe that we have no idea what size it is fair enough however no doubt you are aware of the drake equation therefore the exrtrapolation from a scientiific perspective is it is absurd to assume this is the only planet that ever had life of some sort start theists make shit up then claim it is correct

Isn't it a bit egotistical to assume we are the only ones out there? Here we are on the outskirts of a galaxy that isn't even on the local bus lines, when the universe won't even let local bands tour our planet, it seems ridiculous to assume we are the only life forms out there. I won't bother trying to apply the term intelligent to us.


If there is intelligent life out there, they will avoid us like the potato salad at a family reunion that sat out in the sun a bit too long.


Well according to Astrobiologists its highly likely that there is life besides us in the universe. If you account for all the things that make life possible here on earth.

Tejas Level 6 July 21, 2018

I think it is possible we will discover evidence of microbial life either extinct on Mars or possibly thriving on Titan, but I doubt it will be within 10 years. That just seems too soon.


I would vote "already" have.....but that's just me....


More likely to be by spectrographic analysis of exoplanet atmospheres which would detect simple life but tools to detect modulated electromagnetic radiation of intelligent life are are also improving rapidly.


Hmmmm are we talking intelligent, space traveling life or simple organisms? I think public knowledge of the latter, yes.


It would just be so cool, I'm hoping it's today or tomorrow but the more we look I think it's inevitable 🙂

ipdg77 Level 8 July 21, 2018

I agree. Especially after the many discoveries this year.

@MrChange The only thing I wonder about life in our solar system if we're on the planet or moon looking for it, e.g. Mars, is it not possible that microbial life has survived the trip and we've therefore contaminated the environment?


I think they have to exist. And whether they can travel here or not, somewhere, somehow, somebody out there knows we are here. I have about a 50% belief in ancient alliens. It's very intriguing to me. There are a lot of things that suggests that they existed to me.


Maybe Aliens watch us like we watch Jerry Springer.


No alien civilization in their right minds would have anything to do with us. They would know it's better to leave us be, and let us "discover" them.


Inthe next decade we will become so Earth focused that the search for life else where will come to a screeching halt.


Where is this 10 years figure coming from?


I am not totally a non-believer anymore, as I think it could happen. But, so far, with the distance in space that has been observed, there has been no life found! But, what lies beyond that?


Maybe extra-dimensional life, maybe us coming back through dimensional links



I'm curious why you chose the 10 year time frame?


is that you I heard you saying that in 1975? 1968? 1985? 1994? 1999?

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